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Two paths to take

By AV . ·
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This is an election year and if I have to sum it all up, its an election to decide whether the US will be a socialist nation or try to rekindle the spirit of America as defined by the Founding Fathers. I'm not sure where we'll end up in the end, but the one thing I know is that the US can't continue on the business as usual path.

When I look at Hillary Clinton, all I can see is failure. She had her chance and failed in every way. Barack Obama gave us false hope that we would have Utopia through Obamacare and all of his other policies. Its time to turn the page on politicians like them.

Goodbye Jeb Bush, whose brother sparked endless war in the Middle East. He should apologize and excuse himself from even thinking of running for president.

This is a new day for this country and personally I like Donald Trump. I'm not afraid to say so either. He is the most successful businessman turned politician I've ever seen in my lifetime, and I'm an old person. One thing that is amazing is that he's managed to wake up the people of this country. I think they're all going to vote for him even if they haven't voted in years.

Look, that's my opinion of it all. I'd like to hear your opinion. Honestly, any of the Republican candidates running for president are better than Obama. He's a man that never should have been elected because he isn't up to the job. He's certainly no Messiah like he was built up to be.

If you have an opinion, just say it. I just posted this to see if there is any interest. Maybe there isn't and I'll know soon enough if that's true.

So anyway, John Wills, here you go.

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by john.a.wills In reply to Two paths to take

I dislike him intensely, because he builds on people's xenophobia and so forth. One particularly ignorant thing he said recently was that the Israelis were no more peace-seeking than the Palestinians. The other Republican precandidates immediately showed even greater ignorance by claiming that the Israelis wanted peace and had been aiming for it for 70 years. So he may just be the best of a remarkably bad lot.

But are AV and I the only ones who care?

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He's from Brooklyn

by AV . In reply to Trump...

I think we're it, John. No one cares to respond here anymore. I think you have to look past all the rhetoric from Trump and other candidates and look at what they've accomplished in their lives. Trump is a doer and that's what we need. Our Congress and President can't accomplish a damn thing that works. Our country is falling apart. Our roads, you name it. I don't care what Trump says, he will fix what's wrong with our country and has a proven track record of success.

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Trump, the least of the evils?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Two paths to take

Hillarry, although it takes guts to call abject failure "experience", she is a corrupt, abject failure.

Sanders: A socialist by nature will have nothing but antipathy for the COTUS

Rubio = George Bush with a tan

Cruz = Grandstander, and full of nothing

Paul, My personal favorite, cannot get traction.

Carson = brilliant, but naive

Fiorina = All of us techies know about her, and none of it is good.

Trump is brash, and I think speaks before thinking, but he connects with the people who have quite correctly realized that the clowns in DC pay no attention to what the folks want or need. I don't think he's tapped into xenophobia so much as the frustration that people have with the euphemisms being spoon fed to them. He's the only one pointing out that ILLEGAL immigration is responsible for a HUGE portion of the criminal element in US prisons FULLY ONE THIRD of the prison population is illegal aliens. Again, that is not xenophobia, that is a LEGITIMATE fear supported by some rather grusome facts.

And no, you two are not the only ones who care

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So you have come to the same conclusion that all Australians did years ago

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Trump, the least of the e ...

We vote for the worst possible candidate to get elected because that way we send them to Cantberra and they do less damage to us there.

Unfortantly with the Internet and International Travel being so easy these days they go overseas and make us all look ridicules and do us no end of damage in the process. For instance the previous Pathetic Moron [PM} said things like I'm going to Shirt Front Put in and as a direct result he got a Naval Battle Group sitting just outside terrortoral waters about 3 minutes Strike Time away. Seems that when an idiot says something there are conquences and he wasn't brave enough to carry through with his threat. Just like every bully that has ever existed they run into someone who can do it better than them.

Now the real question here is do you as a country want Trump to be in the same position and needing to back down constantly? That would make you look very weak and I very much doubt that is what is currently required.

Of course if you want to start WW3 he’s just the person to do it and look exactly the same as Adolf in the process. Remember that Uncle Adolf was also deamoncratacly elected as the Will Of the People.

I suppose it all depends on what you want.


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We are already seen as weak, and we are already in WWIII

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to So you have come to the s ...

Putin is eating Obama's lunch in front of him at every turn.
Iran just publicly pantsed the USA by humiliating those sailors
We just had a MAJOR strike by ISIS in California.
1/3rd of our prison population is illegal immigrants

He's far from a war-monger and will likely get us less involved in wars than the past four presidents have (any of them). When asked about ISIS, his response was to let Russia and Syria handle them. Far from a blood-thirsty position.

I'm not a supporter of Trump, but I don't see him as a boogeyman either.

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Sorry you misunderstood

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to So you have come to the s ...

I didn't say that he would start a war just cause a war by his own stupidity.

His business pratices leave a lot to be desired and if he was to run the country the same way he runs his business you'll be in massive problems which make the current ones look like things you want to have.


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Oh, trump will be a disaster, I'm just saying he'll win

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to So you have come to the s ...

and just not the kind of disaster people are expecting.

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