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Two PCMCIA -1 slot, WinXP gives same config

By an_it_guy ·
Dear All,

I have a notebook user, who connects to office LAN using one PCMCIA card, and when at home, replaces this with another one for home use(to connect to an internet connection) - both using the only slot available on the DELL Latitude 5100 laptop. His onboard network adapter is faulty, hence need two separate cards.
So far things were fine, and both n/w cards were working with their respective network settings, when suddenly one card was physically damaged and was unusable.
Now, I purchased a local 10/100 PCMCIA to replace the faulty one. My problem starts now..
When I remove CARD1 (the old one) and slide the new CARD2 in the slot, the WinXP-Pro system 'feels' that the same 'CARD1' has been replugged.. and so it assigns the n/w properties of that card to this one!!
How do I make the system 'understand' that both are different and that they dont share the same network configuration!?

I have checked their 'physical addresses' - which are unique to each n/w cards - and they are different!

Kindly help me configure the respective network settings for each cards.


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