Two remote, active mirrors?

By hattrickinc ·
Just found the site, I hope to call this one my new home!

Here's the situation:

I have 6 offices I need to network together, for purpose of ease, we'll label them
1,2,3,4,5,6 lol

1 is the main server we have now,
and 1-3 is in the Southern US,
while 4-6 is in the Northern US.

Instead of making all the traffic go to #1, is there a way I can make a mirror server at #4,
and have 4-6 grab (files, email, data) off there, while 1-3 use #1?

ACT! (kinda like Quickbooks)
(and tons of random files)

Thanks in advance!

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That can be done

by markp24 In reply to Two remote, active mirror ...

Hi it can be dont, but you may need to use products like replistor (
to do realtime sync and failover between servers 1 and two then setup 3 to sync with server 1 and servers 4,5,6 to sync with Server 2.
Just check with the the technical group at EMC to ensure the applictions you want to do this with are supported.

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Two questions in one

by robo_dev In reply to Two remote, active mirror ...

Really two issues, one is setting up a new server and having half of your users goto it. Of course this can be done, but individual applications, AD domains, databases, etc will require some thought and planning.

The other issue, which is fairly simple, is how to mirror a server remotely. There are lots of solutions in this space, starting with the 'poor-man' approach using software to simply replicate data between servers, all the way up to multi-million dollar solutions where you are replicating a SAN between sites in real-time.

If your question is 'is it possible' to do both things, the answer is yes.

If the question is HOW, then you would need to clarify a dozen variables such as your budget, the tech skills of your staff, the number of users, etc etc

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very true - how and what are big questions

by markp24 In reply to Two remote, active mirror ...

Robo_dev is right, what you want to replicate and how you want to implement it will be key.

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Two remote, active mirrors?

by hattrickinc In reply to Two remote, active mirror ...

Users: 1 & 4 have about 30 users at each location.. the others have about 10 user...

I want to do this the right way, not just a way- you know?
We have a 10mb up & down coming in, but that's the only thing we have on paper.

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Well, in general

by robo_dev In reply to Two remote, active mirror ...

You mention 'paper' this an academic exercise, or a real-world scenario?

You point the users at 1 +4 to the new server, and that's where they are.

What technology do you use to get 10mb up and down?

At a high level, your design all depends on what data you exactly need to 'mirror'. There typically is no need to mirror every user's work folder between servers, nor does it make sense (or is possible) to 'mirror' an email have users on one server or the other.

In the end, most companies may have a need to replicate things like a customer-contact database, or sales-reporting database...but that's more about transferring and synchronizing databases, not mirroring the whole server.

You DO typically mirror web servers, since the content can be and should be identical. In terms of 'mirroring' Windows servers, you typically do this in a DR model where you mirror a production server at a DR site, so processing can switch to it in case of failure.

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