Two sbs2003's + exchange using same domain name at 2 sites

By RoyMcG ·
Hi there,

I have 2 sites with sbs2003 servers each running exchange. They both have a need to use the same domain name for the mail users but I keep getting mail loops.. what is the best way to connect two exchanges using the same domain name..?#

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Can't do it

by CG IT In reply to Two sbs2003's + exchange ...

it's simply not doable.

you can't have 2 domain names using the same FQDN namespace and have different public IP addresses. That's what ICANNA prevents.

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by ee_alvarez In reply to Two sbs2003's + exchange ...

One Front and One Back, or if you want to a active front and a pasive front.
I recomend use 1 server as Front Server and the Other as BackServer.
Change the mx of the 2nd to the 1ns..

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What I used

by thodo In reply to Two sbs2003's + exchange ...

When I was thrown in to Exchange I had to merge to domain names and when I moved the domains on to a new server I used Microsoft?s KB319759 but it seems that it is not available any more. I have a PDF version and I was able to find KB321721, which should do the same thing.

KB319759 was titled How to configure Exchange to forward messages to a foreign messaging system that shares the same SMTP domain name space.

KB321721 is titled How to share an SMTP address space in Exchange 2000 Server or in Exchange Server 2003

Thank you,

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it can be done but its a workaround....

by Lou1z In reply to What I used

simply give the 2nd exch box a recipient policy the same as the first. then make a connector up to forward all mail for your domain to the 2nd box.
you then make the first box non-authorative for that domain. so.... if the user doesn't exist on the first box (as they won't if they are at the 2nd site), the first box will forward all unresolved mail to the 2nd box. the 2nd box has to be authorative for the domain (ie all mail users that don't exist stops here)
make sure you have good spam filtering on this box as this will take the brunt of all the mail due to unkown users being forwarded to this box before being dropped.
the 1 problem you will be faced with is when sending mail from the 2nd box to a user on the 1st box as the 2nd box is responsible for the mail on that domain. my workaround was to use another recipinet policy which the first box is authorative for and make the users at the 2nd box use that.

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