Two separate company email addresses in 1 inbox

By Hannah44 ·
I have two business emails coming into the one inbox and I need to be able to flick between the two when I reply to emails (not just change the signature but also the address it is coming from). I understand the From: field but that sends in from one business on behalf of the other. Not ideal. I use outlook 2003

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The only way that I can think that this may work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Two separate company emai ...

Is to have 2 Different Accounts in Outlook with their own Signatures.

That would of course mean that you have to change Accounts instead of just opening the one account but it's the only way I know to separate Signatures.

Perhaps some others here will have a better answer.


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Seperate Company email accounts

by Nimmo In reply to Two separate company emai ...

I've used this software before for a client who needs the same functionality. The software can be a bit of a pain setting up but once it's working it works well.

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If you have two

by NexS In reply to Two separate company emai ...

Separate mailboxes attached to your account, and give full permissions to yourself on both mailboxes, then replying to email should default to the address the external sender had sent it to.

You'll have to set up your additional mailboxes (ie: and and have them both added as visible mailboxes in your outlook client.
Any email sent to will arrive in the respective inbox and any reply will default to company1. And visaversa.

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Seperate Company email accounts

by Nimmo In reply to If you have two

It's a bit of a waste to create two separate mailboxes when you can create an alias on the same account with a different registered domain names i.e. and

Then use the Smart Reply software to swap between the sending account. If you have separate mailboxes you need to swap between accounts and users will just get annoyed at the process.

When you install the software on the users PC you import the AD user account which pulls in the account aliases, once this is done you can create a separate signature and then use the account button to swap between the sending account which will also swap to the appropriate signature (as long as you crate the different signatures and apply then in the new settings to the appropriate account)

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