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Two software packages conflict

By boomio ·
A user is experiencing a problem when she tries to run two programs simultaneously. I the programs are connecting to different databases over the internet. But when she has both opened they both slow each other to the point of standstill. It seems to be the only machine that has this problem, all other machines are working fine. Where would be the first place to look in trying to fix this problem??

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Two software packages con ...

Start off with a Spy ware scan and a Male ware scan, then look at the software loads I would bet that if there is no infection there is some different software installed that is causing the problem.

That is something installed on that computer that isn't installed on the other computers.

Failing that you can always use the ultimate boot CD to test the hardware, it's available at


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Two software packages con ...

How much ram? How much free defragged hd space.
what database engine? is this MSDE sql client?
i'd look in the event logs on the client

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by TALKIN In reply to Two software packages con ...

Besides the obvious such as cleaning out temp files/Temporary, defragging the hard dirve, I personally use diskeeper pro (excellent product).If your operating system is XP u need a minimum of 512 ram. Anything less will cause slow performance.
If all the above, are not relevant then the slow performance will have to do with Virtual Memory, Please go to my computer (xp) icon on desktop right click it and go to properties, then perfomance/settings then advanced tab and then virual memory clcik on change, Now to explain further it would take me too long so please go to this web site tweak guides scroll down till you come to TweakGuides Tweaking Companion [Regular Edition]

To download the free 170 page PDF Regular Edition of the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion, click the button below:(THIS IS A COPY OF WHAT YOU WILL SEE)
Save it to your desktop, this is an excellent informative tweaking manual, Please go to page 48,here you will find out how to increase your virtual memory, very easy to understand.
I hope the above information will help you. Terry

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by helloparminder In reply to Two software packages con ...

are the resources within the network distributed properly.?

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by dobbinsm In reply to Two software packages con ...

Sometimes, I have found that when two programs are installed that are nearly identical in the installation and setup files that one program will load fine and when you install the next program it finds the same files such as .exe or .ini and will delete them from the previously installed program and replace them with it's own .ini and .exe programs files. Thus when you have both programs open they are sharing the same files and 'fighting' each other. I have run into this problem especially on windows 98 and 98se. You didn't say if you were getting error messages or what OS you are running. Also you might try to ctrl/alt/delete and look at your system processes under task manager and see if there is any thing amiss there that might be using 100% of your cpu usage when both programs are opened at once. Open one at a time and study the difference in the processes of the task manager. You should probably be using only about 14% at most. Also check your page file and see if it might be large enough to support both programs. Usually you will get an error message here also if this is the case. Hope this helps. I would be interested in knowing what you actually found out.

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by boomio In reply to

Cheers, reinstalled both programs and presto

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by tdoug77 In reply to Two software packages con ...

I would think that this is a bad spot on the disk drive problem. One of these programs has written to a bad spot on your hard drive.

Perform a scandisk and defrag to the drive that the program runs and your problem will be resolved. Bet ya!!!

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by boomio In reply to Two software packages con ...

Oh the tension mounts to see who gets my 600points:)
I will try all of your solutions this evening and refer back in the morning, hopefully with a winner. Thanks all for your suggestions

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by OTL In reply to Two software packages con ...

If they are windows based programs stick her (and her machine) in a different location or drag a cable accross the floor for testing. Could be she has a borderline network connection ! (Seems to be the only machine - plug her into the next cube!)

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by boomio In reply to Two software packages con ...

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