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Two things I have do you think they are related or not?

By mmdlove ·
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I havve a HPG42-415DX Notebook PC, and it is a year old, bought new. I am having the strangest things happen when I put my SD card into the slot, The first thing I noticed was that the pictures did not load onto my computer anymore. I am now having things like a message that says "ESET has just begun a scan. I am running a trial version of it right now. This problem was noticed by me about 2 months ago and I am frankly at my wits end. I have no warranty now. I do not know what to do. I am also having problems with opening Chrome but hope its unrelated. I know that I can open Chrome with a new tab from pinned icon, but not without a right click and I am thinking I may have a faulty browser or something, however, My biggest concern is the card reader, and the green light next to it does come on. If anyone can figure this out, I am really just out of ideas with the card reader.

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wrong forum

by john.a.wills In reply to Two things I have do you ...

You should really have posted this question set under Q&A (i.e. Questions and Answers), not around the water cooler. I am afraid I cannot help you with either problem, but you are more likely to get an answer if you re-post under Q&A.

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As John said, you should post this in the Q&A...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Two things I have do you ...

but, have you tried another SD card? Maybe run MalwareBytes or Spybot to see if you have some malware on your computer.

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Yeah, in the water cooler you'll get replies from all kinds of riff-raff

by AnsuGisalas In reply to As John said, you should ...

Sounds to me like that computer could do with a spring cleaning...
It could well be that ESET is set up to scan removable drives like SD-cards, and is doing its job - properly halting autorun functions until scan's end. Try and see if you can start the picture uploader program manually, usually you can - since many people turn off autorun (for good reason).

It's probably a good idea to reinstall the browser fresh from the provider's web page, those things can get gunked up over time... of course, if ESET has "browser protection" features, that can affect it too.
In the best case scenario - update ESET, reinstall the browser...
Be careful about removing AV programs like ESET; they have to protect themselves form viruses trying to uninstall them, so in many cases you need a special uninstaller from the vendor.

Also, I hope you're not trying out more than one AV program at once?

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Hey, I resemble that remark!! But yes, Eset is doing its job, and it does sound
like it's time to clean it up. Seems I remember the OP asking a similar
question regarding Chrome in an earlier post?? Probably need to reinstall
Chrome and set it as "default" for opening all web type documents...
after thorough cleaning.

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