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two versions of Access

By john_wills ·
I have both Access 97 and Access 2000 installed on my PC, because I have to develope stuff for users of both those versions. How do I make the default for icon-clicking or shortcutting one or the other version? I know that I can choose a database via the "open" facility of the Access program, but this is not adequate when the shortcut has a complicated target due to two levels of data. What I apparently need is a way to change all the database icons in one or the other direction. They change after several explicit openings of the other kind, but that is not reliable enough for practical work.

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by RichTee In reply to two versions of Access

I have the same scenario with Access97 and Access2K on the same machine.

When launching a .mdb file from Windows Explorer, as you are well aware, the LAST used Access version attempts to open the file.

To my knowledge, from trying to get a solution and/or even a simple work around, there is not a way to set up different Icons to launch different versions of Access .mdb?s ? it always attempts to open the file with the Access version last used.

However, as a slight edge, most of my Access2K files are in a different location than my 97 files. Therefore, I changed the default database folder for each version using:

Tools | Options? | General Tab

I still have the aggravation of opening files through the Access program but I at least cut down on some of the angst by having the OPEN bring me to my most often used folder.

Hope this helps, Rich

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by john_wills In reply to

It did help my thoughts a little, actually. Part of my problem is that I have to open databases on remote servers, so the folder solution is inapplicable for me. When I have a shortcut I can specify in its properties which version of Access to use, but I do not want a separate shortcut for each database I work on. On the side, it is not ALWAYS the last-used version of Access that gets invoked at icon-clicking.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to two versions of Access

You need 2 icons in order for that to work and 2 seperate folders for each version of access.

1 icon call access 97 and 1 called access 2000.
Right click on the appropiate icon, then go to properties, shortcut and in target or type the full name or klik on find target and search for the executable for the access program (97 or 2000).

Next in access go to tools, options , general and change the default dabase folder to the appropiate version (this is in access 2000, you should be able to specify a default path also in access 97, but I don't know the exact path)


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by john_wills In reply to

Please see comments for RichTee's answer.

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