Two vlans with Internet but without 802.1q?

By njcsamuels ·
We're looking to add a second vlan on a cisco catalyst (L3). Our firewall is not cisco and does not support 802.1q. Is it possible to setup both vlans with internet access?

I'm thinking the following link describes a way to do it. But our firewall also doesn't support eigrp so i was going to manually setup the routes.

edit - others are syaing this cant be done without 802.1q

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i tried it

by njcsamuels In reply to Two vlans with Internet b ...

i was able to setup the routed port on the catalyst. then i was able to ping from the catalyst to the firewall connected to the routed port. However, I could not ping the public addresses beyond the firewall.

When I reset the config, which effectively takes off the no switchport, then i can ping the public addresses. I dont understand why.

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no default route

by njcsamuels In reply to Two vlans with Internet b ...

i needed to add a default route using
ip route

i had the default gateway set and thought these two commands were one in the same.

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