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Two weeks later...

By maecuff ·
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I'm starting my third week as a factory worker. I'm tired all of the time and everything hurts. We had today off, but I understand, that beginning tomorrow, we're working 12 hours each day, 7 days a week. I put a Dennison Fastener through the tip of my finger on Friday. And I have a splinter in my *** from sitting on a stack of pallets. (I won't have to learn THAT lesson again). We've tried just about everything to get it out. My husband wants me to go to the Doctor to get it out, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm going to try bikini wax in a few minutes. And even worse than ANY of that, it dawned on me that I am NEVER going have time to get my hair done. We can't have this. I'm going to have to do my own hair! I don't do hair. I'm no good at it.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to start losing members of my staff. They aren't going to be running presses for very long before they jump ship. My boss and his wife came over to our house last night. He's on the verge of walking out, himself. It seems as if the place is crumbling from the inside out.

I've re-read this and tried to find a point to my post and there really isn't one.. I'm just rambling because I can. :)

I haven't been able to stay on top of anything here. Have I missed anything good?

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Mae: So...NOW who has...

by TechExec2 In reply to Two weeks later...

So...NOW who has the sore ***! :^0

I won't tease you anymore. I'm sure you would admit that one was too good to pass up ( and I KNOW I'm going to pay for it, regardless! ). I hope you find some humor in my post. Laughter is the best medicine sometimes. This is only laughing WITH you.

I gather the non-union employees are filling in during a labor strike. This is a guess, but this is related to pressure from globalization, true? I'm in favor of globalization, but I think we need some federal leadership that moderates how much and how quickly it affects American workers (that is, how it affects everyone except the multi-millionaires, and up).

I truly feel for you in your situation and wish you well. I hope the strike ends soon.

Take care...

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by maecuff In reply to Mae: So...NOW who has...

I'll take your joke with grace.

But I won't turn down any future opportunity to get even, you know this, right?

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The funny thing is

by jdclyde In reply to Ha!

it wasn't a joke.....


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Of course...

by TechExec2 In reply to Ha!

Of course, my skeery dear Mae! Even when thinking nice things about you and wishing you well, one must keep on guard. Sort of like having a pet alligator. :^0

Nurse Tigger has provided some EXCELLENT information below for you that should help things get better in the end.

I doubt you need any advice about this. The 12-hour days and 7-day weeks are extreme, desperate, and unsustainable. The company is going to have to back off from that. It's better to have a smaller business than no business at all.

Thinking lovely thoughts of you... ;\ well and be well...

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Of course...
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NB: Thanks

by TechExec2 In reply to B-)

NB, my friend, your post was rambling a little (no offense, goes without saying), but I think I understand what you're saying. And, you are preaching to the choir.

My 12x7 comment to Mae was only about the mentality and situation I see the company is in. Globalization is a good thing for a bunch of reasons, but it must be done in a way that does not benefit some in America and devistate others. As it is being done now, there are big winners and big losers. And, there are a lot of lies being told about it.

I'm a career software engineer. Offshoring and onshoring (H-1B and L-1 "temporary" work visas) are having a direct affect on people working in my technical discipline.

If I were "emperor of the USA", I would lead ALL of it, not just the very rich and powerful, and not just the very large multinational corporations. How? Complicated answer.

In short, we need BALANCE. We are WAY OUT OF BALANCE right now. And, I don't see EITHER political party leading in the correct direction. Simply letting the largest multinational corporations run wild around the globe making profits is certainly not the solution. There is a lot more to leading a nation than that.

I'm with you on this. Convinced? :-)

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by OnTheRopes In reply to NB: Thanks
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NeverBusted and TechExec

by Tig2 In reply to .

The pain is even more far reaching than you think. It isn't getting better and will get worse. I KNOW that both of you understand that the pain level has reached maximum and is heading for the "off the chart" zone.

When I hear someone say that they don't need to worry because they are doing a good job, I just shake my head. I have watched people who are doing a great job get laid off. The whole Midwest has been hit and I am waiting to see the spread.

In other years, I have seen new project work initiate in October. Not this year.

I have been trying to find a project- or even better, direct work- for awhile. There is none. And even though I am quite qualified to work in a variety of IT roles, there simply isn't anything. What I can find is generally less than a month in duration... and I do whatever.

I know an American born programmer who finally moved his family to India. I know another who committed suicide- his life was defined by his job and he couldn't cope with the loss.

It bites to think that the best I can do is to go back to administration or waitressing. I hate what is happening to my country. And oddly, I am thankful.

When I got sick (damn- 3 year anniversary is coming soon!) I was in a VERY bad place. I found out that I could dig ditches, detail cars, wash dishes, and more... and did so for a long time. All the way through treatment and beyond. I survived that and know that I will survive this. But it is HARD!

Yeah, I am probably rambling too. But I would take that 12 hour a day job. Right now.

And on the other hand- I refused to be submitted for a job that requires travel. I know- I am pretty up-front about my missing part here, but don't want to have to announce it to an airport security group or pack it in my luggage. I think that I should be allowed to have SOME dignity.

That may have to change...

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by TechExec2 In reply to .

"But I would take that 12 hour a day job."

Negotiation with workers and labor unions is no longer necessary when this is the position people who work are put in.

P.S. Nothing wrong with hard work at all. That's not the problem. That has never been the problem.

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The really funny part...

by TechExec2 In reply to Ha!

The really funny part is that this "getting even" started before we ever met on TR. It's kind of an offense-oriented response to future acts that are imagined might occur...maybe. Like "pre-crime" in the movie "Minority Report".

None of us stand a chance!


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