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Two wireless access points

By bill.smyth ·
Is it difficult to set up two wireless access points to communicate with each other. I plan on putting a using the non-wireless LAN at each end of the access points. One access point has the server and the Internet. The other access point has workstations that need to access the server and the Internet.

Any special configuration settings that I need to be aware of?

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Depends on Setup

by ryanweeks_2000 In reply to Two wireless access point ...

If you use Wireless AP that have bridging capabilities it will be easier for the simple fact that they will not have to be wired together. The key is to make sure they are using the same SSID but different channels to help eliminate interference.

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Sounds like you want bridging

by Scott Ponder In reply to Two wireless access point ...

Make sure your access points support bridging mode. Some manufacturers will only bridge to their own access points or routers.

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by bill.smyth In reply to Sounds like you want brid ...

So all I have to do is go into the configuration of the router and look for bridging options? Will I be able to find these with ease?

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Need to Have Web Site

by Arcomm In reply to Codnfiguration

Go here, they have very useful info, plus if you buy the products from them, their tech support will help you as needed to get setup, but generally what you're trying to do is easy as long as your APs are within line-of-sight.

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2 access points

by jwgronner In reply to Two wireless access point ...

What you need to set up is the 2nd access point as a repeater/bridge. When you browse to the 2nd access point there will be an option as to what to set the divice up as - choose repeater/bridge(depends on mfg as to what they call it) and BE SURE to set the mac address of the primary access point into the repeater - if you do not it will not work right. You will need to browse to the promary access pt to get the mac address.


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