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Tx Buffers write cycle

By wgraff ·
We are having a problem on our Netware 5.1 server. When we load Faxserve we start receiving the following message on the server console.

Txbuffers write cycle errors over and over. If we unload faxserve the errors stop. You cant get support on Faxserve 5 anymore so I was wondering if this is a faxserver error or a Novell error

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by pierrejamme In reply to Tx Buffers write cycle

Have never seen an error like this on a NW server and I did a search of their Knowledgebase, so probably is FAXserve.
Doesn't computer associates International still sell and support FAXserve, checkout:

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by BudTheGrey In reply to Tx Buffers write cycle

TXBufferWriteCycle messages are defintitely a FaxServe message. They are a warning that the comm port the modem is attached too did not accept data fast enough for FaxServe's liking. This is why they want at least a 16550afn UART on the COMM port, a dedicated serial board (like the rocket port), or a fax board (Brooktrout, netSatisfaxtion, etc)

The number reported with the error is milliseconds; several years ago I had tech tell me that anything uner 1000 was no big deal, anything over 2000 meant there were probably gaps in your sent faxes. Numbe inbetween it was a crap shoot, at best. FWIW, we used 3 modem on a Rocket Port board, and regularly got this message with values in the 1200-1400 range, and no noticable problems with the sent faxes.

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