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TYAN S2390B Mobo - No Power

By TomSal ·
Hey All.

I'm running out of options on what to do with this system I'm putting together so I figured I'd bounce it off the TR community and see if I overlooked anything.

I'm taking the Video Card, NIC, Floppy drive, HD and CD-ROM out of an oldsystem.

I'm upgrading those old parts into a new AMD Duron 1000mhz/200 fsb system that uses a brand new Tyan S2390B mobo, I also have a new 128meg/133mhz DIMM and a new Enlight Mid-Tower case with 300 watt PS.

After doing the routine of transfering the components, installing the new mobo, cpu, memory, etc. (all the time being cautious of static discharge) I connected everything up and finally went to power it on... Dead. No power at all. Not even the CPU fan goes on.

First to point out - this isn't the first system I put together.

Second, if you aren't familiar with this mobo, there are very few jumpers on it. In fact the only main jumpers are J19 and J26 which set the FSB to either 200 or 266. My Duron is 200, so I made sure it was set accordingly.

The old components, mentioned above, are verified to work - the only reason for the transfer was to get a faster CPU and a more modern motherboard.

All connections where verified.

I didn't do process of elimination yet (ie. strip down to basic components then try power on) and I probably should of done that first before posting..

Considering the case, motherboard, powersupply and CPU are all BRAND NEW (literally got them yesterday)...I guess I don't want to believe its a faulty PS yet...

Anything strike you that I should do or check?

I'm trying not to replace the PS..but I guess it may come to that.

Thanks in advance.

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Oh, oh: Back to Basics?

by eBob In reply to TYAN S2390B Mobo - No Pow ...

My first port of call: the PSU. Does the fan come on? Are there any LEDs, and do they respond? Unplug the PSU from the MOBO and stick a multi-meter in the connector. Your MOBO/PSU documentation will show what pins are what (i.e., ground, +/- 5/12V, etc.).

(This next thing is embarrassing, so I will preface it by saying that I am sure we have all done this one, at least once: is the rocker switch on the back of the PSU "ON"? Of course it is, but I had to ask - sorry.)

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No Power

by Mikki40 In reply to Oh, oh: Back to Basics?


Just a thought and I'm sure you have thought of this but there is a safe guard built into the floppy disk. If the connector isn't connected properly you will not get any power.

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