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    by awsome74 ·

    Teach kids how to type

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      by jdmercha ·

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      We do.

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      Context Please

      by onbliss ·

      In reply to typing

      hmmm… is there any context that one ought to consider when replying? 🙂

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        Well, I thought we

        by old guy ·

        In reply to Context Please

        could teach kids how to type as soon as we teach other folks how to communicate complete ideas and thoughts with their posts. 🙂

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          good one :D

          by onbliss ·

          In reply to Well, I thought we

          🙂 My son reads quite well and shows great enthusiasm to read books. But when it comes to writing, he makes all the excuses in the world.

          But we try our level best by applying carrot/stick. Though these days, when computers are just all around us, I still feel learning to write using a pencil and paper is a must. I wonder how the lifestyle will be in the world, say after 100 years. How much of writing will exist?

          ps: I guess since there is no context, we can probably hijack this thread 🙂

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          Good question.

          by old guy ·

          In reply to good one :D

          I used to write pretty good. However, between computers and being in the medical field for so long it is really hard to read my writing most of the time unless I make myself slow down and try hard. To make a guess I would imagine there will not be much hand writing in a lot less than 100 years.

          I do try to type out anything I need someone to read. Although there are still times when I choose to write a personal note to some people to make it more personal.

          I think you do need to keep teaching your son to write as well. I would hate for it to become a lost art.

          RE: Hijacking the thread. Hey, some threads just beg to be highjacked!!! :^O

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          In reply

          by g.luis ·

          In reply to Good question.

          How sad that the only real writing we do these days is to sign either our checks, or the receipt at a checkout. Very few people write up your orders at restaurants, usually put down numbers and give you a ?nice? printout at the end of the meal.

          I love writing and am a collector of pens, unfortunately, it?s sad to see on Ebay, many old classics selling for peanuts. I guess in 100 years, we may not type at all, but convey our wants via thought and finger prints.

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          Could happen

          by onbliss ·

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          Don’t you attend meetings :-)? That is one thing I love about meetings, I can put pen to the paper.
          I have seen many people doodle during these meetings. [b]Will there be ever an easy medium for doodling in the future[/b]?
          Yup, newer input devices will provide newer means to communicate between humans and humans & machines.

          I know there are many devices that convert/translate handwriting into electronic text, but I wonder how much should the technology improve to make writing in vogue (in 100 years).

          Online degree and education would have become mainstream, and students would be attending Virtual Universities.

          Reading will probably never go away. So, what makes writing easy? Is it the habit of thousands of years? Or, is it because the writing instruments are so easy to use and find?

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