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I have recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 17 laptop which I operate over a wireless LAN and then through a UK ISP. I have an awful lot of trouble with keystrokes being lost when typing info into internet pages, such as the very thing I am typing now. I am not aware of having this problem, at least nowhere near as badly, before, with other computers through other LAN connections.

The same does not occur when typing into local apps on the laptop, so it has to be something to do with either the wireless LAN or the internet, or the way the laptop processes keystrokes when feeding the keystrokes to the internet.

With my previous laptop computers (Fujitsu Siemens), I used to get dropped keystrokes when using the laptop's keyboard, but no problem when usng an external keyboard plugged into the laptop. That applied for both internet and internal apps. I need to find an external keyboard to try out with the Dell Inspiron, which I haven't done yet.

Does anyone know what the causes of the problem might be? Are there keyboard settings on the laptop which can be tweaked to improve matters?

Do others suffer with this when entering info into internet pages?


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As much as you may not like this ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Typing words into interne ...

It may simply be that your typing style is not suited to a laptop keyboard. There is always an element of adjustment required when switching from a chunky electro-mechanical keyboard to a near-silent squishy-rubbery laptop keyboard.

You might attempt to check the 'Repeat Rate' setting for your present laptop's keyboard which you'll find via Control Panel/Keyboard.

I cannot be more specific about the path since you never said which OS you are using.

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Thanks, but it still doesn't explain the difference.......

by clive.reader In reply to As much as you may not li ... the results between typing into internal applications (Word, Excel, etc.) and typing into internet pages (like this one).

I have Vista Home Edition on my laptop.

Typing into the internal apps causes me no problems. I can see that there might be an issue with my typing style if there is some difference in the way the keybopard strokes are processed for internal apps and internet typing. It seems to be that for internal apps the keystrokes are buffered effectively, but for typing into internet pages, there is no keyboard buffering, hence the lost characters when the computer is busy procesing something else. But why would this be the case? Is here something in my "Internet" set-up that I need to tweak?

Can this be explained?



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RE: "when the computer is busy procesing something else" ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks, but it still does ...

That is entirely down to your computing habits while online as opposed to what you are running when offline.

Presumably when you are offline, whichever program you are running (and typing into) has Priority in the greater computing scheme of things. However, you haven't mentioned how many programs you have running while you are also online - dropped characters are NOT usually because of other processes stealing the available CPU cycles. If that were the case, the entire line of typed characters would slow down and stop while you continued to type, then suddenly catch up again - appearing rapidly one after the other.

Have you checked to ascertain how this laptop performs online when connected via an ethernet cable?

If it performs properly then the fault lies with your wireless connection. Best to know WHERE the fault lies, before trying to fix it.

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