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    UAT (User Acceptance Testing)


    by i_s ·

    Im preparing to create a UAT for a huge project (Disaster recover and High availability project between two centers (HQ & DR)).
    Anyhow, my question is how to write UAT document and what to mention in it as i don’t have business users in my project and what i have is a project for DR only (servers, networks, LTMS, GTMS, SAN Storages,..etc)?
    It’s a huge project, but i can’t imagine the figure of the UAT document & what the test cases will be !
    plz your help.

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      Of course you have users

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

      Two lots however, or at least DR is a subset.

      If you can’t imagine what the test cases will be, you are not in a position to write the document, find the people who are.

      Someone has to use what you’ve put in place to recover from a disaster.

      Someone needs to prove that you have high availablity.

      Someone needs to prove that both are maintainable.

      Are any of these covered by people who aren’t part of the business?

      Your real issue is your contention that “there are no business users”, get rid of that and who has to prove what is acceptable should become easier. You have a golden opportunity “to align yourself” with the business here take it.

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