UATA drive (damaged) unable to read in external enclosure or PC

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A couple of months ago, my wife got *really* upset with me (details unnecessary [grin]) and slammed the monitor lid on my Gateway laptop. When I picked it up after the "discussion" and re-opened the monitor I got the dreaded "Disc Read Error."


Subsequent drive scans and diagnostics revealed that my 60 gig hard drive had suffered a devasting ****. The first 6.8 gigs were damaged and marked as Bad Sectors (assuming the MBR was included in these).

About a week later, the drive was not being read at all. Not even being recognised as being there at all by the BIOS or the OS (winXP Pro).

Bought a new HDD and reinstalled everything I could remember and everything is fine.

Today I bought a USB HDD enclosure, hoping to be able to recover any data possible from the aforementioned dead drive.

But the drive isn't being recognized at all, by BIOS or OS (winXP Pro).

Is this truely a dead drive/paperweight? Or is there something that can be done via software?

I'm on a fixed income (quite paltry, really), and would like to find some software somewhere in the "Scottish price range" (really cheap or free). (I'm of mostly Scottish decent, and use this term referring to myself. so it's not really as offending a term as it may sound [grin])

Thanks in advance,


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Well at a guess what happened is that the read Write Heads

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to UATA drive (damaged) unab ...

Came into contact with the Platters in the HDD and scratched the Magnetic Layer on the Platters. With subsequent use this Magnetic covering has lifted off rendering the drive Dead.

As the Data is actually stored in this Magnetic Layer it is very unlikely that you can do anything at all and if there where some pictures or other Data that your wife wanted on the HDD the only good news is that she's destroyed any possibility of getting them so a Good Spanking may not go astray. :)

However just in case that is not what happened though it is the most likely thing to have happened you can try freezing the Drive overnight Shove it is a sealable Plastic Bag to stop any moisture getting on/into the Drive then when it is good & Cold place it in the USB Enclosure you don't need to fit the top here and see if it can be read now.

If it can copy as much Data as you can off the Drive to the HDD in the computer. Do Not Play around do this as quickly as possible! Use a Utility like Super Coppier


If this works you will only get one chance at it so do not count on being able to do it again. It most likely will not work after it is frozen again.

The HDD has most likely taken up residence in Silicon Heaven and you are very unlikely to be able to get any Data off it. But if you like you can give it to a company like On Track


Who can dismantle the Drive remove the platters and fit them to a special machine in a Class 1 Clean Room and read whatever remains of the Magnetic Material. Be prepared to get a bill of around 60K or so for this and about 1 K for the quote which will be deducted off the finial price if you chose to go ahead with the Recovery.


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