UBEE Modem Unable to port Forward

By dustinh17 ·
I have a UBEE DDW3610 modem provided by Time Warner Cable, and recently I had a router attached to it well I decided I don't want to use the router because for some reason it was blocking my ports no matter how hard I tried to open them up. Well now I don't seem to have the option to port forward my modem itself.

The tech support claims I need to buy a new modem from them in order to gain this ability, but a simple search on google shows this modem does in fact support Port Forwarding. When I login to my modem I get this screen:

My menu interface is much different than some of the others I have seen with the same modem. Recently I had my modems bridge mode activated when I was using my router so it's possible I am stuck in that but I am unsure if that affects my UI. I appreciate any help provided. Thank you

EDIT: Turns out I was correct, after talking to a new TWC Rep and taking a different approach with my question I was redirected to a Tier 3 Technician who reset my modem to factory settings for me and put me back into NAT where I was back to my normal settings again.

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