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    Ubiquti Unifi Bridge – VLANs??

    by nikkejoh ·


    I’m new to the forum, hoping to find some assistance here.
    So I ran into a challenge with a Unifi Building-to-Building Bridge. Specifically model UBB-EU.

    My goal is to provide our secondary building with internet from our main building since there is no physical connection between them today.
    So basically the UBB will act as if I had a fibre-cable between the buildings, or at least that’s the idea.

    The setup is as following:
    Internet enters main building and connects to my router (Clavister).
    In my router I have my LAN and 3 VLANs.
    In the router I have connected a switch (Aruba 2530)
    In the switch I connected my UBB-Station (Sender) to a switchport that is untagged LAN and tagged all of the 3 VLANs.

    Second Building:
    Switch (Aruba 2530)
    In the switch I connected the UBB-AP (Receiver) to a port that is untagged LAN and tagged all of the 3 VLANs.

    Unifi Controller (Windows software installation):
    In the unifi controller I see the Device (UBB-Station and UBB-AP as one device) and it’s connected fine. Both devices get an IP on the LAN network.
    I have one wireless network configured in the controller called “Bridge”
    I have added 3 other networks in the unifi controller setup as “VLAN only” with my different VLANs.
    And this is basically where I’m stuck…

    I can’t figure out how to configure the unifi setup to actually send my VLANs over to the second building. I’ve read on some other forums (mainly ubiqiutis) where other people have had similar questions but the only response given by Unifi-Team is “Yes it can send multiple VLANs” but nothing about HOW to do it.
    I also watched a few youtube videos setting up the product but they’re all just general setup, not in detail on any level.

    So basically my question is:
    Has anyone configured a similiar setup succesfully before and gan give me some tips?

    All the best,


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      I’ve seen this question before.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Ubiquti Unifi Bridge – VLANs??

      But it was over on the Ubitiqi forums. Why you should go there is I’ve found that while the answer is yes, most that ask this are seeking a detailed answer for their hardware and scenario.

      Which is exactly what you found as you look into networking videos and training. The training gives us the skill to work out a solution but you still have folk that want an exact answer and configuration for their network. For that your best paths are:
      1. Get to the product forum for Unify.
      2. Hire out the job because, this is something people expect to get paid to do.

      And yes, you will find some melt down at this stage as “that doesn’t help.” Networking skills take time to develop and for site specific setups usually take someone on site or the maker to configure if the IT staff is new.

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