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(Ubuntu) Linux is not as good as they say

By Rbeumer ·
Today I installed Ubuntu 8.0.4 on my PC. Installation went nice, first logon went smoothly, etc. But... when I tried to browse the internet using Firefox, the system completely freezed after a few minutes. I couldn't get to a new session, raising skinny elephants didn't work either. I rebooted the system with the reset button, quite irritated: why did the entire system freeze?
The same event repeated itself a few times, so I looked omn the internet and found out it was Firefox. As a temporary solution I installed Opera.

Why can an entire (Linux) system freeze just because of one application? On Windows, Firefox has crashed before, ofcourse, but it never let the complete system freeze. Where is the o so superior stability of Linux?

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to (Ubuntu) Linux is not as ...

can freeze with the crashing of one application just as any other OS. You are missing the point here.

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Re: Windows

by Rbeumer In reply to Windows

Windows hast almost never been completely frozen in the time I have used it. Sure, it tends to get slow and buggy, but it has never completely frozen. In ubuntu I couldn't even press numlock on and off.

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"almost never been completely frozen"

by jdclyde In reply to Re: Windows

and yet this happens once in linux and you are ready to claim that linux is the problem?

How about some stats for the PC. Running out of RAM is the most common cause of issues like that, and the cheapest fix for slow or locking systems.

I have been using *nix for 10 years and have never had an app freeze the system, but that is running as a server and not a desktop, so the hardware is different. If an app froze, I ctrl+alt+F1 to a prompt and kill the process.

As for numlock on/off, keep an eye on it because THAT sounds like a CPU/motherboard problem. Good luck with that.

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who are "they"

by Jaqui In reply to (Ubuntu) Linux is not as ...

I've been saying it's garbage since version 4

what took you so long to realize ubuntu is no better than windows?
[ you know, the way cannonical wants it to be, a replacement for windows, buggy, prone to malware etc. ]

edit: typos [ danged laptop keyboard has tiny keys ]

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by jck In reply to (Ubuntu) Linux is not as ...

Well, I bought a new Dell laptop about a year ago. When I did, I got a USB external drive and installed Ubuntu 7.x on it.

It detected and setup everything, including the wireless card and the WPA-PSK.

Version 8 might be sort of new. Maybe that's the issue. I can't be sure from the info that you've given.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to (Ubuntu) Linux is not as ...

I think I read that Ubuntu 8 comes with the beta version of Firefox 3. Remove it and install the stable version 2.

If I'm mistaken about the version of FF that comes with U8, I hope someone will correct me.

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FF3 i had seen problems about

by jck In reply to Firefox

You're right, Palmetto...they've been reporting FF3 has issues. That might be the deal.

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No problems here

by RFink In reply to (Ubuntu) Linux is not as ...

I've been using Ubuntu 8.04 since its release and I've had no problems with FF. I wish I could save the say thing about wireless.

It came with FF 3 beta 5 and it's been working great!

I also noticed that I get tons of undates almost every day.


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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to No problems here

what is that then, rollback patches?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Undates?

That's where you edit the post to fix typos but don't catch all of them :-)

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