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Ubuntu Linux - It Just Works... well, except for that.... and that... and..

By dcolbert Contributor ·
I mean, it is free, right?

Seriously... I've called Ubuntu on this before around here, and I always get the response,

"Well, you have to..."

Listen... that isn't "It JUST works". That is, "It WILL work, if YOU tweak with it".

XP "Just Works". OS X actually "Just Works".

Ubuntu is Linux, and Linux doesn't "Just Work".

Interestingly enough, again, this is a laptop where Ubuntu isn't Just Working. It is actually a Netbook, a Eee PC 701 - and it is an install that is "customized" for the Eee PC 701. I'll give it some props - it found and configured everything, although I had to mess around with wireless a bit (that didn't JUST work, but the difficulty in making it Just Work was comparable to the kind of difficulty one might encounter with a Win32 install, so we'll call it close enough).

What didn't Just Work was Network Browsing of a Win32 workgroup through the default Gimp Network Browsing app. The error I get and the symptoms I am seeing are well documented - there are various bug tickets opened AND closed with no solution on the Ubuntu bug forums. One of the forum moderators actually reopened a bug report with the comment, "This is a very large obstacle to "Just Working" for many users, and needs to be resolved", but then someone else subsequently closed it again, with no solution. "If we ignore the issue, maybe it will just go away".

Now, using SMBw2k browser (I think that is it), a KDE app, I can make it work suitable for my needs - and so I'm going to leave Ubuntu on this machine. But there are a score of other trivial annoyances as well. The Codecs for Mp4 video are from the "Bad" codec set - and so to watch an iPod movie I have to deal with all kinds of nasty video artifacts.

Best of all, is Ubuntu bloat. I could get a full install with no pre-install modifications of XP onto the SSD at just over 2gb. Ubuntu is pushing 3.4gb for a full install. That leaves me around 600mb free.

If all other things were equal, and Win XP were FREE, it would be a no brainer - there would be NO reason to use Linux. It is more difficult to set up and support, there is more opportunity in my experience, for modifcations and changes to introduce new unwanted behavior into the system.

I'm not sure what changed, but I've been having a much more difficult time getting Adobe Flash to work with Ubuntu lately. This is one of those things that should Just Work. Linux is already at a disadvantage against Win32 for feature rich web browsing. Having Flash be difficult or impossible to install just makes Linux that much less useful to the typical user.

This is the link I used to install:

It is amazing that you actually have to do so much post-install cleanup to get it working properly on an Eee PC.

I hear that Ubuntu "Just Works", but I haven't yet had a machine yet where install went without a hitch and everything worked as satisfactory as it would have with an XP install. Not just one machine, but a half a dozen of them, from old Celeron 333mhz to modern core duo desktop machines.

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Post Deleted

by .Martin. In reply to Ubuntu Linux - It Just Wo ...
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I think you're getting a little too carried away with that spam button

by OnTheRopes In reply to Post Deleted

Looks like a pretty decent rant. Nothing more, nothing less. Brought up some good points too, if you ask me.

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time for some public humilastion

by jdclyde In reply to I think you're getting a ...

for people that don't know what spam is?

might be about time, i guess..... ;\

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by santeewelding In reply to I think you're getting a ...

In the person of one Tammy, human intervention will prevail.

I read it closely and recognized like issues of my own. I did not notice the "has been reported" until I delved into the responses.

Martin: Was this youthful, *** hole exuberance?

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by .Martin. In reply to Hopefully

but I really hate Spam, to any extent.

I'm (sorta) using Ubuntu right now, and sure it is not perfect (I still need to find a display driver so I can use the whole screen).

but if he had not had included the this is were I downloaded it from, and the link, I would have been fine.

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So what's wrong with download links?

by OnTheRopes In reply to sure

People put download links in discussions, blogs and questions all the time. He's not trying to sell you anything or promote his own website. I've even seen some shameless self promotion that I don't consider spam. Can't point out an example at the moment but maybe you just ought to ease off of that spam button a tad. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it spam.<br><br>
Of course, feel free to do whatever you want. I'm not the boss of you.

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Credibility now 0 Points <NT>

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to sure
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by Brian Doe In reply to Credibility now 0 Points ...

Post moved. Somehow ended up in the wrong place. me and my fat fingers!

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How did that qualify as spam?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Post Deleted

I don't think it even qualifies as a rant. dcolbert has been around a while and posts on a variety of topics. Just because a post includes a link to an outside site doesn't make it spam. Spam doesn't include a negative review of the product.

The PTBs should let this post remain.

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Rant was the wrong way to describe this discussion.

by OnTheRopes In reply to How did that qualify as s ...

It's the first time I've made a mistake since the last time.

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