Ubuntu Linux whole drive encryption?

Hi! I've had Ubuntu installed on my laptop for awhile now, (dual-boot with Vista) and I've decided that I want to completely encrypt my Ubuntu installation.

Is there some way out there that I can do that WITHOUT having to completely reinstall Ubuntu NOR uninstall Vista.


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not full disk

by .Martin. In reply to Ubuntu Linux whole drive ...

you will not be able to encrypt the entire disk, as Vista will most likely be unable to run, as for without reinstalling Ubuntu, I am not sure...

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A couple questions....

by ---TK--- In reply to Ubuntu Linux whole drive ...

What are you really trying to accomplish? There are third party apps like PointSec and safeboot... they will encrypt the entire drive including the boot sector. but I would think it would destroy your Linux distro.

I would look into encrypting them individually, with in their own OS.... in Vista I would try right clicking the files that you want to be "safe" Attributes, Advanced button, and Check Encrypt. there is also "True Crypt" for Windows. In Ubuntu I would search their repository for a good encryption program. Also you might want to password protect the grub, to slow people down... from getting into single user mode... if the right person got in they could back door their way in.... :)

Added: I wish I would have re-read your post before I posted... I would think encrypting the ubuntu partition should be ok.... as long as it doesn't touch Windows... But I wouldn't put money on it...

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Re: A couple questions....

That's what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm trying to encrypt Ubuntu. Vista would be nice to encrypt, but I really don't care about it. I'm just trying to encrypt Ubuntu without having to reinstall the OS.


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