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Ubuntu on Compact etc.

By Strayer ·
I went through all of this nonsense about an old Compact, looks like an upright freezer, to install ubuntu 9.04. Couldn't find a download for diag disk to save my life. Used the Ubuntu install disk, it installed like a dream. Go figure.
I mentioned in a comment, I have a WIntergreen AMD could be MSI or some other motherboard that has bent floppy drive pins.
I put in a new power supply. It has a hdd and cd drives.
Any suggestions on how I can get this to boot?
This is for the library and I do hate to embarrass myself.
I also get a lack of understanding on why I want a full compliment of computers on the floor at the non-profit. They are old computers and at one time when the room was out of control, the computers were badly abused.
A hdd wore out last week and I have no parts. Have to hit up for parts.
Also, I thought that a Lenovo, the basic of Thinkcentre for $299. would do well up there. The man who presents this to the board to purchace likes MACs. We have three of those and another would not help.
Thanks a ton. I can't tell you how lonely it is to do tech. Is there a support group for us?
The MACs go through the Ubuntu to network to the printer.

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Is this a statement or are you looking for help?

by ---TK--- In reply to Ubuntu on Compact etc.

"Ubuntu install disk, it installed like a dream. Go figure."
Why wouldn't it install like a dream? Linux is getting better by the month.

"I have a WIntergreen AMD could be MSI or some other motherboard that has bent floppy drive pins.I put in a new power supply. It has a hdd and cd drives.Any suggestions on how I can get this to boot?"
I thought you just said it installed like a dream? or is this a different PC? If you want to install ubuntu over the network go here:

"Is there a support group for us?"
People at TR will help you out, but try to make clear statements, or if you have a question make it obvious... I'm not trying to be mean, but its kinda hard to read what your talking about... The post is all over the place... again, not being mean, just trying to help you get the answers your looking for.

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by Strayer In reply to Is this a statement or ar ...

As soon as I posted, I regretted doing so. I was too tired.
The Compaq is a donated machine and pretty old. The hdd died and I put in a hdd with Ubuntu already installed. It wouldn't boot. The on screen message said to get the diagnostic diskette to configure the BIOS. I switched out the hdd to a blank one and installed Ubuntu. I was glad when it booted.
I don't know if the wintergreen will boot without the floppy drive. The library bought 5 of these machines a few years ago and they don't all have the same motherboard. I worked on two ohter of these machines and had a hard time.
Again, sorry. I didn't think you were being mean.

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Won't boot because Ubuntu was configured for

by seanferd In reply to Sorry

the machine you installed it on, not the machine you then put the drive into. You'll need to install it on the Compaq.

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you are right

by Strayer In reply to Won't boot because Ubuntu ...

Well, it took me a few days, but I figured that out. I did use another hdd and I have yet to set up ubuntu for the room, user account, etc. The Compaq needs to go out on the floor to replace an IBM.
We are short on parts. The IBM ubuntu machine has a 10GB hdd. The Compaq has 33GB. The machines are public access.
You can't be lost in Ohio. I thought the problem was that you always knew where you were. Both my parents were born and raised there.

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if you need cheap, good machines

by jck In reply to Ubuntu on Compact etc.

if you have ATX cases.

get you a combo from Newegg. They have a Regor CPU and mobo w/onboard video for $126, and a couple gigs of cheap DDR2-800 ram is $27.

That will upgrade you and be cheaper than Lenovo or Dell can sell you totally new units and way cheaper than Macs.

Just reinstall ubuntu after you upgrade them, and you should be all set.

Good luck.

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by Strayer In reply to if you need cheap, good m ...

Thanks, I'll go to newegg and check it out.

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no problem

by jck In reply to newegg

With Ubuntu, you don't need a super horsepower x4 processor. that x2 Regor should be plenty. Plus it has on-board video and sound so there's no peripheral expense.

You can always upgrade later.

About all you might need is cables.

There's all sorts of motherboards there. just make sure it has the right drive connectors that you need for your stuff (some mobos no longer have floppy connectors).

Just read thoroughly and check through your requirements and all should go well.

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Shall do

by Strayer In reply to no problem

I will be very careful in checking it out. I do have drive cables. I have to get the president of the the non profit to go along with this and get the board of trustees to approve the money. He is a MAC guy.
I will post if I have questions.

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this is a good place to come

by jck In reply to Shall do

There are a LOT of Linux people here who know a LOT more than me about what apps are out there.

As for professional office use, the is nice. It's really good and has most of the same stuff as Microsoft Office...and it's *free*. Point that out to them. Plus it will read most MS Office file formats.

Good luck with it. Hope you get to move things the Linux way.

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you must be sick of me but

by Strayer In reply to this is a good place to c ...

Thanks so much.
There are 3 machines with Ubuntu. It had been difficult to get it in the room.
I put up information print outs from the web on the cork board for the patrons, who are mainly teens.
I put up Open Office and other freeware. Plus the Ubuntu, philosophy, Ubuntu operating system and a nice bio of Mark Shuttleworth.
I am caught between two men with different points of view and a woman room supervisor who really wishes I'd disappear.

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