Ubuntu + Windows games ???

By dreanime2 ·
I recently Got Ubuntu Os. I have nerver really tried using a Linux Os before. I wanted to ask If I could run windows Games Like CS and CSS. I dont want to install a OS non-compadable with my Windows Games Or Software. It's Already a Pain that my comp wont Take to Xp.

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Simple answer is Not directly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ubuntu + Windows games ?? ...

But you can buy emulators to allow Windows Specific games to run on Linux. While I'm not a great game player I believe that Cedega
from Trans Gaming Technologies will allow you to run most Windows Only Games on Linux their main Web Site is here

Wine a free Linux Emulator may work with some games as well.

You might just be surprised at the current number of games available for the Linux Platform that are not as yet available for the Windows Platform to so you can keep the best of both worlds by using an emulator to run your Windows Only Games and then still have access to all the Linux Games.


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Cedega and SuSE

by open.suse In reply to Simple answer is Not dire ...

Ubuntu uses Debian as a base system. ETCH is the most current release for Debian. Unless Mark Shuttlesworth and the Cononical team have updated things, you may find as easier time using Fedora, Mandriva or openSUSE as a prominent distro in which Cedega runs the best. The 3 above distros are available at no charge at their respective web site. Cedega does charge a fee, but if you get support for the 3 month minimum, it costs only $15, which in concerns to game prices, is well worth it.

Have a lot of fun!

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by dj_pozca In reply to Ubuntu + Windows games ?? ...

Mail me at if you havent figured it out yet. I just dropped by this page and I would be happy to help :)

Its better to talk about this on MSN if you have something like that?


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You "JUST DROPPED BY" a 2-year-old thread?!!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to hey

AND it's your first and only contribution to TR!!

Why pray tell is it not possible to openly discuss your thoughts on a public forum??

Running Windows-based games within the environment of Linux is not illegal, so why all the secrecy?

BTW, I hope you enjoy all the CR@P you're going to get in your MSN mailbox - now that you've advertised it on a public forum where the netbots crawl!!

Hukko to you too! :^0

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by .Martin. In reply to Uh-Oh

wasn't expecting that!!!


I HATE how people bring up old threads, if it is older than a few months (at most) leave it alone!!!

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