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Ubuntu screwed me big time

By deere800 ·
OK Here is how it happened, to make a long story short it crashed my bootup sector and am unable to load windows in any shape of form. I did manage to get Ubuntu working but my windows 7 on my almost new laptop is history. I cannot load install or recover it in any way. I went thru all the steps and there is nothing wrong with my harddrive or my setup disc. Am using ubuntu now and tried just a few mintes ago to run windows, any version in virual box and get the same error as i did when it was on this computer. Is it possible my memory or internal ram is bugged, if so why is ubuntu running so great right now. I used my desktop with virtual box on it and the same windows disc and it worked great. Am I suppose to believe that This laptop is a linux only machine now. I really loved windows 7 and want it back on here. what in and how can I get it back.

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Sounds like it's time for a complete reformat,

then re-install Windows. Look at the bright side though, at least
Ubuntu is "free", if you don't count the time and labor involved

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What exactly is the error?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Ubuntu screwed me big tim ...

And probably more importantly how did you install Ubuntu?

Did you free up HDD Space and then install it to that new Partition or did you install it over the Windows 7 Partition?

If you installed it over the Windows Partition you'll need to wipe the HDD with something like Kill Disc available free here


Wipe the HDD and then install Windows from the provided Install Disc or whatever it is you actually have to recover from.

And in answer to your question Ubuntu didn't do anything it wasn't supposed to do you've just installed it in the wrong way.


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You don't have to wipe the HDD

by ScottPricePDX In reply to What exactly is the error ...

You just have to reload the NT Boot loader with TestDisk (in Ubuntu), then run the recovery from the Windows setup disk, or the recovery partition.

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That's provided

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to You don't have to wipe th ...

That Ubuntu has not been installed tot he Windows Partition.


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