Ubuntu Server for a Windows network?

By Rorke ·
I've googled this and have not got enough of an answer yet.
I have a failed server (Win NT4) that was NAS for about 20 windows PC (and my Ubuntu desktop).
I need to source a new server. I am re-building the old one, but this is a good opportunity to get a new solution.
I need:
1Tb Raid storage
Shared files for Windows (SAGE, Outlook) PCs
Possibly monitoring the Anti Virus software on the PCs
A nightly back-up solution.
Should I...
Ubuntu and learning curve or Windows 2007 and pay for licenses? (I've been using Ubuntu for 2 years as a desktop user, self administratinig via forums)
in advance,

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I would say

by jck In reply to Ubuntu Server for a Windo ...

If you're not heavily embedded and dependent on MS technology, go with Ubuntu.

Do some self study first and get familiar with things, then implement your servers using LDAP and all. Windows clients should be able to talk to them perfectly fine for authentication.

There is a book called "Linux in a Windows World" out by O'Reilly Books that is informational about this.

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If your feet are already wet in Ubuntu

by cpubymike In reply to Ubuntu Server for a Windo ...

Look into eBox platorm

simple way to set up did this the other night granted I didn't put it to a domain or anything

install Hardy LTS server edition or get the ebox iso off of their site.

sudo apt-get install xorg gdm <desktop of choice>
install ebox platform it is in the repositories and I believe you don't have to add any lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list

once you got your server up and running you can log into your desktop if that is how you prefer to work than you can access the ebox console over Over localhost
not totally sure on the ports.

you can also get startup manager either through synaptic or apt
this is a Gui shell for your GRUB files and you can set it back to defaulting to init 3 on boot up.

If you need any more info message me on here if you can or look it up on, Ubuntu wiki, or where ever you get your info.

Oh yeah ebox also does proxy/firewall/vpn/Voip all kinds of stuff, Samba with full LDAp

best of luck

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