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    Ubuntu takes us on a spin


    by jaggernaught ·

    Ubuntu has just released 6.06 LTS (Long Term Release) codenamed “Dapper Drake”looks very promising. It’s very compact (697.85 MB) and the desktop version has both the live cd and the traditional install cd bundled together. This makes people with low bandwidth a chance to try Ubuntu without sacrificing your precious time on downloading two CD’s (if you want both the live and the install CD *such as 5.10 or the breezy badger*). If you really dont have an internet connection, go to a cyber cafe and order CD’s from where you can request for CD’s freely. They also included Vmware player in their repositories, sun’s Java jre and sdk, and compiz, making dapper really flexible on desktops. Ubuntu is really attracting the enterprise as they have integrated LAMP in ubuntu’s server edition. With dapper out there, we would surelly attract lots of entrepreneurs and developers who want to use an enterprise grade system without having to sacrifice 300$ per pc and on an unstable platform too. Ubuntu is currently doing tests on Sun’s Niagra processor and would soon have certifications for it.

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      I am impressed!

      by xstep ·

      In reply to Ubuntu takes us on a spin

      I too played with this live CD and install over the weekend. Very slick! and quick too!

      In fact I was playing all weekend with Live CD’s. Lot’s of fun! I was really impressed with Puppy Linux! Loaded FAST! the whole OS on 64 megs of ram. Suse is un-matched and the nicest OS I have ever seen! But I am using Ubuntu also. Xubunt is also very good! LTS is smart and I hope to see it work for the long term.

      Happy Nix*ing!


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        by jaggernaught ·

        In reply to I am impressed!

        Yes!, Ubuntu is 20 seconds (more or less) faster than breezy. I use SuSe 10.1 too but Yast came a little harsh on updates. But the built in firewall and the appguard really made users feel secure. So does Fedora Core 5 but Fedora Frog answered that anyway…Cheers!

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      sounds promising.

      by sir_cheats_alot ·

      In reply to Ubuntu takes us on a spin

      sounds real nice. hopefully it lives up to the hype. My copy is in the mail. was approved the 13th, so i shall be waiting in anticipation…just wish it didn’t take 4-6 weeks…but can’t complain too much…it is free after all.

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