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Ubuntu WINS!

By the_webninja ·
I use Ubuntu at home mostly as my Internet Machine, I also have a Windows Machine that I crunch Video and Record audio with, and I have a Windows machine that I use at Work. But time after time using my Windows Xp machines I am always saying "Ubuntu Wins AGAIN!"

For example last night I plugged my Kingston USB 4GB Flash Drive into my Windows system at Work and Windows would not Recognize it. Plowed through about Three hours of Troubleshooting Help Files only to find out it is a common problem with no Fix for it related to Power from the USB and a Software Conflict in XP. Got home plugged my USB Flash Drive into My Ubuntu 10.04 LTS machine, and NO PROBLEM! :) I said "Ubuntu Wins AGAIN!" :)
So I thought We should start a Thread listing all the Reasons Why one should Switch to Ubuntu, cause I'm sure I can't Think of them all. But I'll start with the ones I know about:


1. Ubuntu is More Stable than Windows

2. Ubuntu is Less Susceptible to Viruses

3. Ubuntu is more versatile, & Customizable

4. Ubuntu automatically detects almost everything I plug into it :)

5. You can make everything look really cool :)
(Oh,...I guess I said that already)

6. Ubuntu can handle cross platform file types.
(Such as Doc files and Windows Media files)

Okay all you Super Techs feel free to jump in.

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Yeah, yeah, OK, I'm already on my way from XP to Ubuntu, but...

by jkameleon In reply to Ubuntu WINS!

I want to move Maximize/Minimize/Close buttons back to upper right corner, and I want to enable that cool new UI stuff that came with version 10.04

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Ubuntu doesn't run the apps I want.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ubuntu WINS!

It may be the finest OS in the world, but it doesn't run my fantasy league software, my WYSIWYG web page editor, or my half-dozen games. It's all about the apps.

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But it will run the

by Michael Jay In reply to Ubuntu doesn't run the ap ...

NASCAR leader board, so I could watch the race and see my demise.

6th, 8th, 14th, 20th, 27th dang still in reverse.

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In three races I've moved from 9th to 4th.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to But it will run the

And from 350 points back to less than 200. I thought I was toast when Dinger lost the lug nut, but he finished 14th and gave me four cars on the lead lap.

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Have not run the numbers on this one

by Michael Jay In reply to In three races I've moved ...

but in 19 place not so good.

I need a real good string of finishes to catch you.

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What Ubuntu WILL run...

by the_webninja In reply to Ubuntu doesn't run the ap ...

We all get comfortable and settled into an OS then find a bunch of "favorite programs" that work with that OS. Then 10 years down the road no one is even USING that OS anymore. :) DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win 2000, Win NT, Vista, Win 7, and then there is the whole range of Linux Versions. Each has Games, and WYSWG Editors, and Instant message programs and all kinds of stuff that works with THAT OS. So when you think about Switching to a Different OS you are literally Switching to a Whole new Computer World so to speak. And it will be fun (and frustrating at times), learning about everything. You will explore all new Programs with different names, even your Word Processor Open Office will use different Font names than Microsoft, yet Open Office CAN use Word Fonts. And you CAN run Windows Programs on Ubuntu using a Program called WINE. Search it out on the Web and read about it. This might solve your Problem. But I think the greater solution would be to open your mind and accept NEW possibilities with Ubuntu, using other Programs. This is how you learn more in life. Staying stuck in one environment only makes you narrow minded. If you reach out and explore new things, you broaden your mind, and gives you a richer life experience.

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Why bother?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What Ubuntu WILL run...

I'd be with you if we were talking about my workplace, and open source apps that bring some functionality missing from the Windows apps were using. I'm talking about my home computer; why bother with this on my time? If all the apps I want to run require an emulator, why bother at all?

"But I think the greater solution would be to open your mind and accept NEW possibilities with Ubuntu, using other Programs."

I'm aware of the possibilities of Linux. They don't fit the way I choose to use a computer, and I have other things I prefer to do with my free time than learning operating systems or applications. There are other things to reach out and explore, other ways to broaden my mind and give myself a richer life experience.

('Richer life experience'? On a computer? Really? C'mon, any richer life experience I gain from learning what Linux does vs. Windows pales in comparison to experiences gained by turning the electronica off and looking at non-cyber experiences. Libraries, museums, parks, sporting events, concerts; any of these will broaden your horizons more than changing an OS. That's simply doing the same old stuff in a new way, no more broadening than learning to write with the other hand, or oven frying instead of using a skillet.)

I'm glad you're happy with Ubuntu. It's a great distro, and it fits the way you use a computer. My point is that an OS alone, without the apps a person wants to use, is useless to that person. Whether there are alternatives or emulators is irrelevant if they aren't what that person wants to use. Linux distros expand a user's range of choices, but advocating Linux by rejecting the other options does not.

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Try this

by dwdino In reply to Ubuntu WINS!

Take your Ubuntu and put it on a standard laptop (Dell, HP, etc.). Now take said laptop and dock it with dual external monitors...

Now try to use the undock button and what happens to Ubuntu when the hardware profile changes?

Only Windows makes a laptop usable. I can suspend, dock, undock, auto detect and scale my desktop, and never skip a beat.

Besides, if you want Linux, get a full distro.

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it wins what?

by Jaqui In reply to Ubuntu WINS!

the least secure Linux Distro Award?
of course it does, they screwed security with their sudo configuration and it should be a criminal charge on them for it.

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Speaking of criminal charges...

by santeewelding In reply to it wins what?

You have outwitted the law, so far?

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