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UID Error in Outlook 2002

By ScarlettAL ·
We have a user who uses Outlook 2002 and normally accessed his mail in the office over the networked internet connection. Whenever he is out of the office and is using dial-up, he gets this error whenever he clicks on a new message or tries to move a message:

"Your server has reported a UID which does not comply with the IMAP standard. This typically indicates a server bug. Your program may not function properly after this."

Any ideas on what to do to correct this problem? It doesn't prevent him from viewing his messages, and goes away after he's been back in the office for a few hours, but is very annoying.

He only has this one email account setup, so this:
OL2002: Error Message: "Your Server Has Reported a UID Which Does Not Comply with the IMAP Standard"
does not help. It only happens when he's connecting with dial-up and then for a couple of hours or so when he comes back into the office after using dial-up.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to UID Error in Outlook 2002

You know, I looked around some on this, and apparently there is a problem with Outlook 2000 and 2002 and IMAP in this regard. Several people have reported this type of problem with the UID and it not being in sequence with Outlook only.
One post, a person at the University of Washington, wrote his own IMAP server and client and did not have this problem, but when he had Outlook use IMAP to connect to his server, Outlook would report it.
I did see another post that said that, using Outlook 2000, and getting this error, that he fixed it by putting SP3 for Office 2000 on.
Now, I don't remember if Office XP (which is what your Outlook 2002 is from) has a service pack or not. But, it couldn't hurt to try this.
Take the users machine and go to and click on the Check For Updates link on the top right corner. Follow the instructions, and apply all patches/updates for Office that it says the user needs.
REboot, then try it again.
The whole point is, like in Technet article 294779 (which is not your environment, but does describe your problem), it does say that the reason is "unknown at this time" and others have ran into it. Basically, the IMAP protocol (in RFC3501) it details how the UID must keep increasing with each message in a mailbox. And Outlook is having a problem with it.
Let us know if any Office service packs/hotfixes takes care of this.

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by ScarlettAL In reply to

This did the trick!!

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by ScarlettAL In reply to UID Error in Outlook 2002

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