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UID & PWD for Scheduling on Win2k

By Shanghai Sam ·
Hello all,

I have a bat file that I setup a schedule for (Win2k Server SP2). I am using a domain user account the has logon locally and from network rights. The account is a member of the local users group. It has the neccessary NTFS rights to the batch file. The Task Scheduler servive is running under the local system account. part of the batch file calls a blat program which shoots off an email to an SMTP server.

When I run this it fails with the following statement in the log file:

Unable to start task.
The specific error is:
0x80070005: Access is denied.
Try using the Task page Browse button to locate the application.

When I run the job as a user with localadmin rights it works. I can not find any literature stating that the task has to be run with a user that has local admin rights.

Also, this testing was done while I was logged on, although in production there will be no one logged on.

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UID & PWD for Scheduling on Win2k

by Joseph Moore In reply to UID & PWD for Scheduling ...

Personally, I never run any Scheduled Job as the Local System. It can never get out to do what I want.
A good addition to the Scheduled Jobs program (when compaired to the old AT program) is setting the Run As User ability on a per-job basis.
WhatI do is I have a copy of my Domain Admin account with a 15-character complicated password (password does not expire or is changed) that I use to run all Scheduled Jobs. I suggest doing something like that.
Also, if your BAT file is using any mappeddrives, make sure you specify the drive mapping IN the BAT file itself (and use the /U: switch on the NET USE mapping line to specify the user account and password to do the drive mapping) if you are NOT gonna be logged in when the job runs.

hopethis helps

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