Ultimate Boot CD (exe)

By jekoski ·
I downloaded the above software,and tried to run it. It ran for a while expanding files and storing things as it went, and then it stoped with a error that my XP sp2 had the wrong number range? This program does not have a remove feature and it made some changes to the registery. How can I get this out of my computer?

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I don't understand

by Kiltie In reply to Ultimate Boot CD (exe)

UBCD isn't an application (to my knowledge)

UBCD is meant to be an ISO image that you burn to CD and you then boot from that.

XP never enters the equation at all, indeed no host Operating System does, except for being able to create that CD in the first place.

Would you explain what you mean, what you trying to do? Details please.

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UBCD error messages

by jekoski In reply to I don't understand

I down loaded and expanded UBC4WINv30.exe and got error message Prebuilder will not run from a file path contaning spaces. I then created a folder bootcd and moved the files to it. reran UC4WINv30.exe and it did its thing I then tried to run PE UBCD4WINBUILDER.exe and it cannot find the I386 file in the windows dir?

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by Chim Chim 1959 In reply to I don't understand

There are at least two versions of UBCD, one is indeed an iso image runnig linux. The other one which is Windows based requires a valid copy of WinXP to be "slipstreamed" into the build. google gives this as a hit

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