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Ultra chess!!!

By skyhigh ·
I am hosting a contest. It is related to my new concept, Ultra Chess. No i am not copying Omega chess, omega chess has 12 by 12 squares, my Ultra has 14 X 14! One of the pieces in Omega chess is similar to the Unicorn in ultra chess, except different in many aspects. Ok, there are 3 new pieces. The unicorn, the scout, and the mystic. All other pieces move the same as in normal chess. There are more rooks than normal, more knights, more bishops... The contest is as follows. I will award 25 dollars to the first person that can make a chess engine for Ultra chess. This can be in qbasic, or C or C++. It must have a graphical representation of the board, weather simple letters (BK would be black king, etc.) or advanced graphics (I would shoot for letter notation). The computer must reach 4 depth at least (thats 2 moves per side). If you are interested, I will send you the game details. My email is skyhigh@rvi.net or harley2063@hotmail.com Let the contest begin!

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