Ultra Thin Laptop??

By DonDefy ·
Hi there!

Not sure if I should post this in discussions or questions but ill post in both just in case , apologize in advance if that?s going to cause an inconvenience for some

I was wondering what would be a good "mega" light laptop?

The thing is, I want to get one for my girlfriend.

I?m looking for something really, really light but with long battery life and a good screen (like the one in Asus G1Sa, I can't remember the exact screen model).

I need it to be quite fast (I?d prefer for it to have above 1.6GHz Freq and more than 2 gigs of ram).

A SSD would be preferable :)

She mostly needs it for typing and browsing yee old interweb but I?d like it be able to handle more than that just in case ) (Like heavy film editing or graphical rendering (that?s for me not her ))

Any ideas on make and model? It doesn?t have to be in existence yet, maybe heard of something similar out there or about to come out?

P.S. I have been looking at for last couple of week and a lot of them fail on a good screen or other option i.e. The Dell Adamo might look sexy but the screen Has bad viewing angles and I think it gets hot pretty fast or Lenovo ThinkPad T400, nice specs but its but ugly.

So far I kind of like Acer's TravelMate 6293, but its Acer and I don?t think the company is very reliable ^^ (Yes I am very picky)^^

Don Defy

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by ---TK--- In reply to Ultra Thin Laptop??

How light do you want it? Max/min screen size? how much HDD space do you want? and What OS is do you want??

Added: this is a pretty sweet little machine.

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More Spec

by DonDefy In reply to questions....

I'd prefer it to be well under 3 kg, but 3 kg's the sky ^^

Screen size can?t be below 12 inches.

HDD min is 64 SSD.

As for OS, any will do except Apple and UNIX, (I can install those later myself :) )

Ill have a look at the link later let you know what I think 

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MacBook Air <NT>

by Kenone In reply to Ultra Thin Laptop??
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Re: MacBooks

by DonDefy In reply to MacBook Air <NT>

Sorry mate I try to stay away from MACBOOKS all they ever did was a get a mother board from Intel and make a mirror image out of it. So I don?t like em to much sorry

PS their software support is pretty poor as well 

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HP Elite 2730p

by ken In reply to Ultra Thin Laptop??

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by DonDefy In reply to HP Elite 2730p

Very impressive! I just need to find a shop where they can take it a part for me :) need to have a look at the way the guts are located :))

Do you have one of them or how did you find out about it?

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Sorry. Don't have any of that info

by ken In reply to Good...

I sell HP and just looked it up.

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by DonDefy In reply to Sorry. Don't have any of ...

I?m not familiar with hp at all, only 2 of the people I know have hp laptops

Which do you think is better HP Elite 2730p or HP EliteBook 8530p ?

Do they have over heating problems? Where relative to the keyboard are the CPU and the hard drive is placed? i.e. By the return key or w,a,s,d keys etc.

What is the support like?

Hopefully I didn?t overload you ^^

Cheers for the help.

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Try looking at the

by OH Smeg In reply to Ultra Thin Laptop??

MSI Megabooks or Benq Joybook Ranges.

These can be custom built to suit your needs or can be purchased as a Bare Bones System where you fit your choice of HDD, Optical Drive, CPU & RAM to get a Custom Built unit.

The MSI Megabooks are slim and light where as the Benq Joy books have a interesting Spackle Finish both have a full Keyboard with Numeric Keypads as per a normal Keyboard so they are easier to use.

Also with any NB you should always use a Cool Pad similar to this one from Antec as they stop the NB sucking dust and other crud into itself and blocking cooling airways as well as help cool the remainder of the NB. They will extend the NB life far beyond the Warranty Period and the unit will be ultra reliable if one of these are used 100% of the time that the NB is turned on.


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I forgot these Links

by OH Smeg In reply to Try looking at the

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