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'Un-supportive bosses

By Betageek52 ·
Does anyone have a suggestion for the best way to handle a person in a position of authority, who sabotages your work?
I had a situation like this happen to me some years back. I was summarily fired for something my boss did which not only cost me a job, but cost the company a client, at the same time.
Poetic justice reigns, as he was found out a couple of years later, trying to pull the same garbage. So much for company Loyalty!
I just wanted to know how many of the folks out there have experienced this sort of thing, and what they did about it.

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What did you experience?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to 'Un-supportive bosses

What did you do?

You should tell us before asking others the same!

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Best to Move On

by TheChas In reply to 'Un-supportive bosses

In the situation you describe, it is usually best to start looking and move on as soon as you understand the situation.

Unless you are very good at office politics and can speak honestly with those further up the ladder, odds are that you will not be able to impact the situation.

These situations usually fall into 1 of 2 situations:

1. The boss feels threatened by the employee and wants to make sure that the employee will not end up moving into a higher position. In this scenario, it is almost always best to move on.

2. The boss is attempting to cover his own mistakes and short-comings by shifting blame to the staff. If it is a good company, and you are willing to wait things out, you can move forward by working diligently and keeping your cool about you. Unless there is some special relationship between your boss and his boss.


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