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Unable install NT4.0

By bukm ·
Recently wiped Win98se off of hardrive. when running NT setup cd, 'Unable to setup or install NT Boot Loader during setup', will not allow set up to continue. Recently repartitioned primary partition 2500M and then reformatted harddrive. Is a PentiumIII 450 with 2G harddrive with 64M ram.
Also did a Fdisk /mbr. Ran Scandisk previously with no errors indicated. Ran utility, scanreg I believe, indicated system file(s) problems and suggested clear some files off of harddrive (spacing issue??). I believe the system file issue cameup when I previously tried to install Win98se and did happen during the final reboot of the final phase of the Win98se install. At that point I decided to reformat and install NT 4.0. Open to all suggestions.

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by In reply to Unable install NT4.0


NT4 can have problems if the boot partition is larger than 2GB. Try making your boot partition 1,99 GB or less and this problem should go away.

Side note: 64MB is a little small for Windows NT4. You'll get much better performance with more RAM. Add RAM if you can.

Did this solve your problem?

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by In reply to

More information:

Note that later versions of the Windows NT 4.0 operating system support larger partitions during installation. If you have one of those later CDs, you should be able to install in a larger partition. However, this does not appear to be the situation in your case.

The reported problem is that Windows NT 4.0 installation is failing. This suggests you have the old CD and must use a sufficiently small partition during installation.

Here are some links from Microsoft's Knowledge Base. Note that the maximum partition size during installation has changed over time from 2GB, to 4GB to 7.8GB. Some of these tech notes do not clearly state this so it is easy to get the wrong idea.

Windows NT Does Not Start If Primary Partition Is Above 2 GB

Boot Partition Created During Setup Limited to 4 Gigabytes;en-us;119497

Windows NT 4.0 supports maximum of 7.8-GB system partition

Windows NT Partitioning Rules During Setup;en-us;138364

Windows NT Boot Process and Hard Disk Constraints;en-us;114841

How to obtain the latest Windows NT 4.0 service pack

Installing Windows NT on a Large IDE Hard Disk

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Since you're new to TR: When you get a chance, be sure to rate the answers you received and close your question when you're done. Thanks.

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by bukm In reply to

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Unable install NT4.0

Yuo must remove the old FAT32 partition before installing NT4 as NT does not recognise FAT32 partitions.

NT4 can be installed onto partitions upto 4GB (old SPs) and 7.8GB with SP6a.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Unable install NT4.0

Is this a standard EIDE hard drive?

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by pepeledog In reply to Unable install NT4.0

Sounds to me like NT 4 does not have the correct hd controller driver built into it on setup. I learned this the hard way. You might want to search the Internet for an NT 4 driver for the controller on your system.

Good luck.

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by navtec In reply to Unable install NT4.0

BuckM@... I'm gonna take a shot at this. Before all else check the BIOS Mfg./version and check for updates and apply the latest update if available. Also, in the BIOS setup check to see that (LBA) Local Bus Adapter is enabled (I just remembered this, but am a bit fuzzy on settings and application, but I recall that it can "honk-up" NT 4.0 installations pretty good) do some research on this too. Next, there are a couple things I'm not clear on in your specs (this is a 2GB drive & the primary partition is 2500MB? or 250MB?. If you have a 2GB drive and have specified the partition as 2500MB, that's 2.5GB, I would assume that FDISK would NOT accept that, it should not. If you have partitioned for 250MB, that is fine. Is this an IDE or SCSI drive? Is your disk controller/driver listed in the (HAL) Hardware Compatibility List? If not, do you have a manufacturer NT 4.0 driver diskette for it? If it is in the HCL, even so NT may not automatically detect and configure the drive properly. You may need to select the Disk Device manually during setup. Try the following link for install help: And check this link to MS TechNet NT 4.0 Archives: it may be of some help.
Let's start with this, I will check back and see if I can do more. Good Luck

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by @lberto In reply to Unable install NT4.0

The problem you are having is very common ...

Windows NT 4 does not work with FAT32, so you have at least 2 choices:

1.- Boot the machine from the Windows NT CD and make sure your boot partition is not larger than 4 Gb, I'd recommend you make it 2 and the rest you can configure latter on as a second partition, it doesn't matter.

2.- Boot a machine with a boot floppy disk, then run fdisk, it might ask you if you want to use large size disk, just say NO, then create a partition as big as it allows you to do, I think it will be only 2 Gb, then make sure this partition is active, reboot the machine, format the disk and go for the install.

Once NT is installed then make sure you install all the latest patches availables

Good luck and



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by bukm In reply to Unable install NT4.0

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