Unable to access BIOS after flashing

By TUnit ·
Hello all, I just recently flashed my bios to work with new AM3 AMD cpu's but now i am unable to access the bios. My desktop loads as it should but when I hit DEL during start up to enter BIOSI just get a blank screen and a blinking cursor. I have tried reseting CMOS but nothing. Below are PCs specs. Thanks

AMD Phenom II 965 BE
Gigabyte GA-MA790fx-DS5 Rev 1.0 *Dual BIOS*
ATI 2600xt 512mb

*let me know if you need more info*

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I would have thought

by Jacky Howe In reply to Unable to access BIOS aft ...

that the Backup BIOS would have kicked in.

Motherboards that support Dual BIOS have two BIOS onboard, a main BIOS and a backup BIOS. Normally, the system works on the main BIOS. However, if the main BIOS is corrupted or damaged, the backup BIOS will take over on the next system boot and copy the BIOS file to the main BIOS to ensure normal system operation. For the sake of system safety, users cannot update the backup BIOS manually.

You could try their Technical Support

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