Unable to access company website from internal computers...

By bluem10000 ·

None of the users at my company are able to access company website which is hosted outside of servers. I am able to access the company website from computers outside of our networks.

I have researched the issue and read many posts but could not find the solution. Below is the setup of our DNS settings.

After I opened DNS console it listed the following:

Forward Lookup Zones

example.local shows names of computers/sever on our network and their IPs.

Within under Forward Lookup Zone I have the following entries
Name: www Type: Host (A) Data: IP address for company website
Name: www Type: Pointer (PTR) Data:
Others entries listed are:
SMTP that shows ip address for exchange sever/domain controller (I have one server that acts as exchange and domain controller).
(same as parent folder) - few entries that range from Start of Authority to Name Server (NS) to Mail Exchange.

Are the settings correct? do I need to make any changes?


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who hosts the web site?

by CG IT In reply to Unable to access company ...

who is the authoritative name servers for the FQDN?

Note: if your not hosting the site then you shouldn't have any DNS entries for it.

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website is hosted with

by bluem10000 In reply to who hosts the web site?

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if your not hosting it

by CG IT In reply to website is hosted with

you shouldn't have a DNS A records on your DNS server for it.[actually any records for the FQDN extension example .com/.net/.org]
since your DNS server isn't the authoritative DNS server for your domain name. If you do have DNS entries for FQDN, that is probably why you cant see the web site. your DNS server is resolving the domain name to your IP address where no web site exists.

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by bluem10000 In reply to if your not hosting it

So I can open my DNS console and delete any www entries listed within under Forward Lookup Zone...would that cause any problem to our Outlook Web or email services? I just want to make sure nothing will be effected by deleting the entries.

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