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unable to access control panel

By mcoya ·
I have a fresh install of win 2000 pro. For some reason everything is working fine but when i try to go into the control panel i get a EXPLORER.EXE error and it crashes. I want to know where the file or files are to reinstall just the control panel without having to reinstall windows.

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unable to access control panel

by LordInfidel In reply to unable to access control ...

If this is a fresh install I would say that everything is NOT working fine.

Unfortunately, there is no way to install the control panel. The control panel is the window into the OS, you can not "normally" remove/add stuff from the control. (I say normally because some programs install themselves a interface in the control panel which can be removed by removing the program. But the CORE control panel for the system can not be altered.)

If I was you, and before I get do attached to that install. I would start from scratch. From scratch means booting from cd, deleting the partition (D,enter,L) and install on the unpartitioned space, format using NTFS, and install the OS that way.

Then when it is done, Immediately install SP2.
After SP2 is installed. Check your control panel.
It should be there.

Before installing anything else. Grab a blank floppy and create a erd (start/run/type ntbackup, press enter) Make ERD.

After the erd, keep ntbackup open, create a folder c:\SysState, go into the backup portion of ntbackup, check off the box that says system state, the backup location will = c:\sysstate\todaysdate.bkf

Next, put the win2k cd back in. Open a cmd promt,
(start\run\type cmd press enter)
type d:
type cd i386
type winnt32 /cmdcons
install the recovery console.

Once that is done, install the programs as you did before on the last install. After each one, check your control panel. Then you will find out which program wasthe culprit.

When it happens. Restore the system state using ntbackup.

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unable to access control panel

by mcoya In reply to unable to access control ...

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unable to access control panel

by mcoya In reply to unable to access control ...

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