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Unable to access internet over port 80

By saborbas ·
I got a strange problem, One of my clients keeps ending up in this mess. It seems that port 80 constantly get blocked and I can't figure out how. Everyother port including port 443 works fine. he did this to 2 differnet PC now and the only way to fix it is **** away his profile. He says that he did not install any software or do any changes to the pc except go to his web sites.

OS is - WinXp Home SP2 ( but he did the same thing on Win2000 Pro SP4 )

I've verified that there are no firewalls running Including the WinXp firewall, Antivirus is disabled, antispyware is disabled, no VPN software is running.

I've done the following steps to try to rectify the situations

reinstalled nic ( Wireless and wired )
reinstalled TCP/IP
re registered DLL files
verified that the ports are not blocked by the os
verified that the HW firewall was not blocking the port
Host file is normal
routes seem normal

I can ping a web site via name or IP. Web sites starts to load and then times out

Network is as follows
Peer to Peer via an Motorola Wifi Router, yes on DHCP, Tried on DSL and Cable connections both results are the same. Connecting and transfering files is not a problem.
Ran a spyware/ virus check and all came up good. Yet a different profile on the same pc has no problems access in the web.

No registry problems found. user is an administrator of the local box

What can force a web page to time out??, When i uncheck Show friendly HTTP error messages, I get the following error

Request timeout
The server timed out waiting for the client request.

When show friendly http error messages is check the error message is
The page is unavailable
HTTP Error 408/409 - Not acceptable / Resource Conflict
Internet explorer

Any help would be appreciated


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by aschol In reply to Unable to access internet ...

Try and run a repair on IE by using sfc /scannow at the command prompt. It may prompt for a CD if it needs to copy any files.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Unable to access internet ...

I would say that you have definetely defined it down to a profile issue, since it works for everyone else.

What if any event log error messages are being shown when the issue appears?

Does the profile work for a few days and then suddenly cease working?

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by Craig321 In reply to Unable to access internet ...

See if the proxycfg -d command works. And see if he has "Automatically Detect Settings" checked off under Tools>Internet options>Lan settings. By like your post says you most likely ruled it out to be a profile problem. You could always save his current profile make a new acount for him and transfer his "My documents", .pst, favorites, etc. over.

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by Craig321 In reply to
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by dmiles In reply to Unable to access internet ...

Internet Explorer seems unlikely to be the cause of the open port here - and as you have noticed, it needs access to port 80 to be able to access the Web.

Port 80 will be open on your system due to an application holding it open to receive incoming data. A web server would be the key suspect here (as the Symantec test suggested) - check that Personal Web Server (an XP Pro component) is not running. Proxy server software is another possibility worth checking.

Clicking on the "All Connections" line of "My Internet" should list all current connections, and should include this open port with the responsible application (I'm not running Outpost v1 at the moment so cannot be completely certain on this).

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by ASteinberg In reply to Unable to access internet ...

You didn't say anything about proxies, but maybe this is the cause.

Try to check the HTTP 1.1 settings under Tools | Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab and check Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections.

I got a similar and intermitent problem with this configuration and only with some users.

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by Pantos In reply to Unable to access internet ...

Just a thought...have you tried installing another browser like firefox to see if he can access the web that way. To me it seems like it might be an IE issue. I assume you've cleared cookies and temporary internet files, right?

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This same problem happen in Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3

by yosial In reply to

XP system, can ping, can use Skype, can access HTTPS on both IE and Firefox but can't access HTTP on both IE and Firefox.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


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