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    unable to access jarfile./bin/examengine.jar


    by sbgemeda ·

    Java related

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      by sbgemeda ·

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      You need to provide more information.

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to unable to access jarfile./bin/examengine.jar

      For now, make sure your Java environment is installed or updated. Make sure you have rights to access the file. Make sure the file is not corrupted.

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      by Anonymous ·

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      It’s intended to install software to a Nokia phone. So if you do not have this type of phone you can not use this software. 🙂

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      unable to access jarfile ./bin/examengine

      by abuturabf ·

      In reply to unable to access jarfile./bin/examengine.jar

      I am trying to install Interactive_Test_Engine-640-8023.20
      When I double click the programme then I am getting the above message.

      I have reintall (SUN) java again.

      I have some other test engine, they work fine.

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      unable to access jar file

      by bobspeed ·

      In reply to unable to access jarfile./bin/examengine.jar

      I’m using Windows 7 on a gaming x64 laptop…new computer…setting it up…have a website……downloaded Yahoo Sitebuilder…worked only the first time…had to uninstall/reinstall Yahoo Sitebuilder to update my website…error: unable to access jarfile ///solution: I uninstalled ALL of JAVA …using the Windows uninstall in Control Panel… when I attempted to install “Yahoo Sitebuilder” …it said I “needed Java” on my computer and “didn’t have it.” It asked me if it would like me to install Java…I said yes…it put Java on and then installed itself (Yahoo Sitebuilder). EVERYTHING WORKS NOW… and I can repeatedly use Sitebuilder to update my webpage.

      You may find this scenario useful if you run into other programs that have jar file problems…

      Seems the “REMOVAL AND REINSTALLATION OF JAVA” especially if the program you are trying to install requires it… and prompts you to install Java…

      might be the solution to getting “programs that have problems” getting in “sync” with java …when you already have java on your computer…

      simply put: try uninstalling java… then remove/reinstall your program that has a “java issue” …then install java just before
      you install the program…preferably let the program installation prompt you for the need of java to be present…


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