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    Unable to access my gateway


    by kvega2 ·

    Let me start off by saying that this network configuration has been working fine forever until last night. I have a wireless network. I have 2 dell laptops that connect to the internet thru my wireless router. One of my laptops can no longer access the internet. I reviewed many tips on troubleshooting and here is what I’ve found to this point:

    My non-working laptop has a valid 192.168.x.x address. To see if this problem was only wireless related, I connected the laptop directly with ethernet cable. I am not able to ping my gateway address of with either wired or wireless. I’ve checked all my TCP/IP properties and can see that DHCP and DNS entries point to

    From my other laptop I can ping the gateway just fine. And that laptop connects to the internet.

    From non-working laptop I can ping the other laptop, just can’t ping the gateway. Both laptops can ping each other just fine thru my wireless network.

    I’ve tried things like flushing arpcache, flushing dns, refreshing my IP, etc… still cannot ping my gateway.
    I can ping and can also ping my local ip address.

    I am running a CA firewall. I turned it off and rebooted so that there are no possible firewalls turned on. No Windows XP firewall enabled either.

    I’m running Windows XP Pro SP3.

    I’ve tried using XP’s troubleshooting diagnostic tool and nothing is working. When I ran the diagnostic tool it showed me the obvious problem, that I can’t ping but I still have no answers.

    Any ideas?

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      by kvega2 ·

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      A good start would be providing the output of

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Unable to access my gateway

      ipconfig /all
      from the problem computer.

      Does a plain-old
      give you your router’s address?

      On the off-chance, have you scanned for malware? is a very good tool.

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        I resolved the problem

        by kvega2 ·

        In reply to A good start would be providing the output of

        I managed to resolve this problem by power cycling all my network devices. Powered off all laptops, cable modem, wireless router. Disconnected all network cables. Waited 5 minutes and turned everything on, first modem, then router, then reconnected network cables, then turned on laptops. Everything is working now. Still not sure why this fixed the problem. It only affected one of my laptops and not the other.

        I had rebooted the laptop many times before so that is not what fixed it. It had something to do with my router, just not sure why it affected one laptop and not the other.

        Seanferd, thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate the assistance.

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          by seanferd ·

          In reply to I resolved the problem

          Yeah, a good power-cycling is always a respectable attempt for fixing router/modem mystery problems. Odd that it was just the one computer, though.

          Cheers. 🙂

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