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Unable to access paticular web page

By bfadero ·
I have a user with a laptop who is trying to access a particlar link on a web page. He has no problem browsing the web and even the home page of the website and other pages within the site. The problem occurs when he tries to access a particular link that should take you to their mail access, it attempts to launch a new page and comes up with a page not displayed error message. Now I can access this link from my own pc, so I know it's not a problem with the link. The only difference is that my OS is win 2000 pro and his is XP pro.

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by RCOM In reply to Unable to access paticula ...

Compare internet settings between a working PC and the one with problems.

Try restoring the IE settings to the default. Use the internet explorer settings features to delete all cookies and temp-internet files.

Check to make sure the firewall or other protective features hasn't permenantly blocked the page.

Perform IE updates.

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by statykserver In reply to Unable to access paticula ...

Has he ran all windows updates? This worked for me on a system that could browse the web but had problems with pages that would load that way. After I installed the update it worked fine. It was also on a windows xp system.

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by statykserver In reply to

Also as suggested by RCOM check the security tab under Internet options and maybe set all zones to default making sure to check the restrictions zone.

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by bheite In reply to Unable to access paticula ...

I have had this same problem, and the answr lay in the cookies. Have the user delete all their cookies, and if in IE, delete all files, including offline content, or in Netscape, clear the cache, restart the browser and they should have access. That has woorked for me in several occasions. usually caused by a change in the page location, or attributes in the name, and the cookie does not update, but redirects the browser to the old location.

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