Unable to access primary slave HDD after reinstall of XP home

By robbiegem2005 ·
Hi all

I have a problem here.

I have changed my operating system from XP Pro back to my original operating system XP Home.

I installed a 250GB hard drive when I was using XP Pro and stored all my files onto it, then reformatted my hard disc to install XP Home and now I cant access my 250GB hard drive. I have gone into my BIOS and it is recognizing the hard disc as a 250GB.

How can I get Windows Explorer to see this drive again? I need to get my files back onto the c: drive.

Thank you in advance


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fat vs ntfs

by Sue T In reply to Unable to access primary ...

It sounds like you might have one drive formatted as FAT and the other as NTFS. In XP you are able to convert FAT to NTFS but not the other way around. For that you would need 3rd party programs. Verify that both hard drives are formatted with the same format (FAT or NTFS). If they aren't then that would be the problem.

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Not likely cause. You have to import disk into disk manager.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to fat vs ntfs

Here's the situation at hand. Since the second hard drive was formatted with Windows XP Pro, it was given a disk signature by that system. Now, you went ahead and installed XP Home in its place, thus making that hard disk foreign to the XP Home OS. You should go to the disk management utility and should see the second disk as a foreign disk, designated with a yellow exclamation point. Right click on it and select "Import Foreign Disk" from the menu that pops up. Anytime you move a disk from one XP or 2003 server machine to another, you have to reimport the disk to allow the new target system to write a new disk signature on it.

FAT32 has little to nothing to do with this, because Windows XP is fully capable seeing both FAT32 and NTFS file systems, assuming your Windows XP installation is using NTFS on the primary boot partition.

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same sort of issue

by kevinnem In reply to Not likely cause. You ha ...

okay so I HAD a XP pro machine.
I the video card died, (I think) .. and so in th ecource of figureing out what to do I basically end up with a new machine, .. but need files off the old one.

the 2 drives from the old machine (IDE) can be pluged in to the new MB. HOWEVER when I do this, I can't get to ALL the files on them. I can only get to some.

for example I had some 40ish excel files, but in a search, only find 4-5 of them.

I had a lot of the file I need stored on the desktop, and I think I know where on the drives these are , but it give me some sort of access error.

It may be a protection issue.

any help with getting the files of my old drives?


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Disk file structure?

by gail_and_doug In reply to Unable to access primary ...

Is your disk formatted with a dynamic NTFS file system? If so WinXP home won't recognize it. However, if this is the case, you can download DiskInternals free NTFS reader from their website and gain read access. You can then copy the files over and reformat the disk either to non-dynamic NTFS or FAT32 and use it with XP home.

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