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Unable to add domain users

By thaddeus.tate ·
I created a AD 2003 domain, added 5 workstations running XP without any issues, added a pre-existing 2003 std server to the domain, now logged on as domain admin, can't add domain users to the local users group,any suggestions?

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by lowlands In reply to Unable to add domain user ...

Does it give you any errors? Or don't you see the groups?

Make sure the Domain is selected in the "Locations" field. It is strange though, because if I remember correctly the Domain Users group get added to the local users group when you add the server to the domain. You might have to remove the server from the domain and add it again.

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by CG IT In reply to Unable to add domain user ...

what are you trying to do? add users to the local machine users group? or add domain user accounts as local machine user under the local machine user group?

you can add domain users as the domain administrator but to add local machine users, you need to log on locally to the machine using the local machine administrator account.

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by Dumphrey In reply to Unable to add domain user ...

Quck question, you created a domaine, then added an existing DC to the domaine? If thats the case, were the admin users identical accounts on the 2 users? You would think the newer items on the just promoed DC would replicate out, not get replaced, But its also possible they just got added. If you are trying to add domaine users, log in as A Domain Admin, check alla dmin account permissions and adjust as needed, then add a user from AD users and groups.

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by thaddeus.tate In reply to

I created a domain, prior to this the site was setup in a workgroup configuration, the site did not have an existing DC, there was simply a node that was running 2003 standard server.

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by thaddeus.tate In reply to Unable to add domain user ...

I don't receive any errors. The new domain name does not appear in the locations field. I am trying to add domain users/groups to the local users/groups.

I am aware that i have to log in locally as the local admin, which I've done, i cannot even 'see' the newly created domain in the locations field.

I had thought about and will remove the box i'm having problems with from the domain and add it back to the domain, in hopes of resolving this issue. If this doesn't work are there other suggestions. I am also considering rebuilding this box, if the noted suggestions fail.

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