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Unable to avtivate 3Com NIC

By shiuhrong ·
I have Red Hat Linux 8.0 installed on my PC. To link to my current network, I was unable to activate the netwok card. Network card is 3Com 3C905C-TX. Anybody can help?

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Unable to avtivate 3Com NIC

by Ann777 In reply to Unable to avtivate 3Com N ...

3com linux drivers are approximately 3/4 of the page down here:

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Unable to avtivate 3Com NIC

by vfrunza In reply to Unable to avtivate 3Com N ...


I gave this answer to someone else on this forum. I will just amend it for you as well. Hope it will help.

Ok, let's go. I will try to point you out certain steps that you'll have to follow, as there are no many details given(everythinghapens using shell):
1. you shoud check using lsmod if the module of your nic is loaded. There are no many chances to be directly compiled into kernel.
2. if your 3Com module is not loaded, try "modprobe 3c509" or "modprobe 3c59x". Following the answer (no error messages), go to the next step.
3 check if your nic is up and running using ifconfig. if you see there something like eth0 Hwaddress followed by some numbers : separated and ip: aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd like, it seems that your nic is ready to be used.
4. ping your ip address. If you receive echo (64 octets from "your ip": icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.2 ms) it looks like you are on the good track. Your computer is ready for network.
5. try to see your routing table by "route -n". you will have to see like a table with "Destination Gateway Genmask ... Iface". the first line should show you: your network's ip,, and in the last column eth0. The last line in this table should be something like:, your network's gatemay's ip,, eth0.

If you can see all the following but cannot ping any other computer on the net, check to see if the firewall is not up and blocking you from accessing/being accessed the network. It is common to leave the install ondefault; this way, you will have by default your firewall activated.

To deactivate your firewall, go to the Controll Center and in the Network section deselect de firewall.

Hope all these have helped you.
Good luck.

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