Unable to boot in Windows XP

By clacksfsr ·
When attempting to boot, I get the message "lsass.exe system error" "Insufficient system resources exist to complete API." I am unable to boot in safe mode nor use the system recovery.

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Follow the directions here to perform a Repair Install

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Unable to boot in Windows ...

If that doesn't work you'll most likely need to remove the HDD and save all your Data off it remember if you have any encrypted files to save the encryption key/s.

Then start looking for either hardware problems or a Software problem. As a first test I would try one of the Live Linux's as these load directly into Memory and do not affect any already installed OS. It's a fast and easy Hardware test. If you don't have a Live Linux you can either buy or download one from here my personal favourite is Knoppix STD

If that fails to work you can get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here to test your Hardware


If your hardware is OK you can wipe the HDD and then perform a clean install by using something like Boot & Nuke available from here

This will allow you to clean the HDD completely and then write zero's to every sector so when you go to reinstall Windows you have a blank HDD to work from.


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Isass or lsass that is the question?

by rcb In reply to Unable to boot in Windows ...

I typed the fist word using an I, the second was with a l, there was a virus out there using this as a cloak. None the less, this is most likely not a virus, I seems like you have disabled or some how lose this program sys. file which which is essential. I fixed my problem by booting to my XP Disk using the F8 key after my IDE scan, you may not need to do that, after you have selected your drive with the XP disk it will give you some options. One will be to repair so then click (r) repair sys files. You can also look at which summarizes the windows file protection feature. Or Microsoft Article I 22193 this in case my link was incorrect.

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