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Unable to Browse Home network!

By pauljaker ·

I recently have encountered a unique situation at home with my network. I set up a Win2K domain controller and a Win2k Pro client at home. It is a simple network using the Domain Controller as a DHCP server. Up until today everything wasworking fine. When I click on network places/entire network I can see both the Server and workstation. At first, when I tried to access the server it would hang forever. Until a message appears "Server 1 not accessible" or "Semaphore timeout period expired." I can ping the server w/o a problem. Any help will be great.

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Unable to Browse Home network!

by gary In reply to Unable to Browse Home net ...

Hi There,

From the sound of things your home network is setup just fine.

'The Semaphore timeout period' error message normally means that the network cable or network card has failed.
In this case you can ping the server so you have an 'incomplete' connection, That is you have enough of a connection to get a ping packet through but not much each.
Remember that PING works at a lower layer than the other software.

Also the fact that you had the machine freezing in network neighbourhoodis also a guide that either a cable or a card is failing as this occurs when it is gaterhing information from the network, Your PC's is aware that it is on a network and is waiting for a response but it is not getting one and so it wait's and wait's....!

I hope that this answer is of some help.


Gary Williams.

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Unable to Browse Home network!

by pauljaker In reply to Unable to Browse Home net ...


This is a very viable answer. In fact the more I think about it the more probable your answer is. In fact, a workgroup was also created in the beginning and we all know that is usually fool proof and easy to set up yet I still cant browsethe two systems. I will try swapping cables and card.

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Unable to Browse Home network!

by pauljaker In reply to Unable to Browse Home net ...

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