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Unable to clear Update 3.1

By fabio9999 ·
i recently reformat my comp, i reinstall winXP pro and did a Window Update. But then something funny happen, i keep having this window update icon ( the yellow shield ) on my task bar. it will not go away even after clicking it and installing the update. I realised it ia a update 3.1.HOW do i make it go away.

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by Garret` In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

I think the 3.1 is the new installer version. Without that installed you wont be able to get other patches from microsoft. Go to the update site and install it from there if it wont work automatically.

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by ctrservices In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

Hopefully, answer 1 will work. If not...

For failed updates:
Start?Run?type ?services.msc? (without quotes)?open Automatic Updates properties?Stop the service (keep window open). Navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution?rename this folder. Restart Automatic Updates in the above Services window. Retry update.

The updates should now download properly, although I always like to reboot first before trying again to download updates.

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by fabio9999 In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

It also wouldn't hurt to have a look at the Update Installation History to see if this update has successfully been installed.

I've seen a couple of cases where it's installed but the system attempts to continue to download the update and unsuccessfully install it. You need to know if the particular patch has been installed before you decide how to proceed in a case like this.


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by Aakash Shah In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

I've had a similiar problem. My problem was due to the fact that Windows Genuine wasn't installed. TO resolve this, DO NOT use the yellow shield at the bottom to install. Instead, go to the MS Update web site. When you go there, it should come across a page that says that you need to update your software (this is different than the standard update menu - this will be a push button). This will install the Windows Genuine advantage. After installing this, you should be able to successfully continue with the installation.

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by In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

Scrap Windows XP and start using Linux (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS), the updates work everytime without failure and the icon disappears until more are available thru their repository. 26 days and counting Windows-free @ home.

I even have a Vista Beta 2 dvd, which I have no desire to even install. Microsoft has programmed it to self-destruct on June 01, 2007. Even though it's 11 months of a free pass to Disney so to speak, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is a new concept with Linux to support it for the next 5 years and so far I've had kernel updates which would be the equivalent to downloading the next version and upgrading or installing it. I prefer this to XP and Vista. Long story, short, Linux has come a long way and Windows is fast becoming malware on my systems. I'm tired of rogue spyware installing itself on my computer. Linux resolves this for my PC's, OS X resolves that for my PPC Powerbook. I don't miss Windows one bit.

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by mSn mSN In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

If you don't want the update then click install manually when you got to install the update.
There should be a box that you can check that says don't install and don't show me this again.
I hope this works for you .

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by Ptero.4 In reply to Unable to clear Update 3. ...

Hi. like said. To fix your problem just type this:
in your download manager app and burn it to a CD/DVD when it
finishes downloading. Then boot your PC off it and click the
"install" icon on the desktop/start menu and follow the on-
screen directions. You'll have a fully updated and malware-free
system, plus free updates for lots of years.

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