Unable to Clone SSD drive due to CRC error

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I have a 500GB Crucial M4 SSD drive (firmware 040H) in my Windows XP sp3 desktop. The computer crashed a few weeks ago, and at first it didn't want to reboot (unable to find disk), but after I resat the disk cables, it booted and has been running fine since. I already back up my data to the cloud, but I really would like to have a bootable spare drive so I don't have to rebuild my computer and download all my data from the cloud. So I bought another identical M4 SSD drive. My plan is to create a disk clone once a month. However, when I try to clone my C drive, the clone fails very quickly with an error message about a CRC error. I tried Macrium Reflect, DriveImageXML and CloneZilla.

After the 1st attempt reported a CRC error, I ran chkdsk and it did find and fix some errors. A subsequent chkdsk reports no errors. Yet the cloning software still aborts due to a CRC error. I can't seem to find a way to clone my drive, even though the drive seems very useable.

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You may need to run chkdsk again.

I read one thread on the Macrium site of a person running chkdsk 4 times...1st run found and fixed errors, the next 2 showed no errors, but again on 4th run errors found and fixed. This may not help. Depending on the partitioning of your original drive, if it contains a hidden repair partition that may not get cloned across. Also, if the files failing CRC happen to be in the MBR or in the system files, the resulting cloned drive may not be bootable. In this case, you may be better off formatting the new drive, reinstalling the OS and applications, then copying your data from the drive showing CRC errors before it totally fails.

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i have a similar problem with my HDD weeks ago.

by yychaser In reply to Unable to Clone SSD drive ...

i have a similar eeor while i cloning my hdd to new larger one. My roomate helped me out with an backup tool. you can read it at here:

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