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unable to communicate with smtp server

By bubloo ·
Dear all

I am trying to configure sendmail, and made the initial changes, and enabled all the necessary deomns. i am telneting pop3 and smtp services. able to communicate with pop3 and i couldn't communicate with smtp.
my sendmail is running and accepting connections. but still i couldn't communicate with my smtp server. i didn't enabled any firewalls, how to check my smtp port 25 is blocked? where i have to proceed... pls. help me as soon as possible. I stuck up here......

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unable to communicate with smtp server

by forhire In reply to unable to communicate wit ...

I really need a bit more information about this problem. Is the pop/smtp server the same machine? Is it a local machine, or are you connecting remotely? Are you running actual Sendmail, or are you running smail, exim, or any of the other MTA's that perform the same function as Sendmail?

Without that info, I will make a few suggestions for things you should check. Do a grep smtp /etc/inetd.conf to see if the entry is there and activated if you are running sendmail through inetd (actual sendmail usually is run as a daemon, and won't appear in inetd.conf).

Try a ps -ef | grep sendmail . If it is actual sendmail, you might have something like sendmail -bd -q10m which specifies to start sendmail as a daemon and to process the message queue every 10 minutes. If you log into the machine running sendmail and type telnet localhost 25 you can see if it is listening at all. If it connects during a telnet localhost, it is running fine on that host and the problem is most likely a network problem.

You can also try logging into the machine that runs sendmail, and as a normal user, type sendmail and try sending a message. If that works, you know sendmail is configured OK except for receiving incoming messages from remote systems.I hope that helps. If you supply a bit more info, I can help diagnose the problem further.

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